The economy is flat, resources are limited, and the traditional procurement process makes it difficult to secure funding and complete projects. If that wasn’t enough, limited access to capital markets makes it difficult to address failing infrastructure. A public-private partnership can improve the quality of life for members of the community while solving your infrastructure challenges. A true partnership gives you a number of benefits:



Solve for a slow and expensive traditional procurement process


Achieve financial stability


Maintain ownership and control


Solve infrastructure challenges and spur economic development


Be a valued community partner



The Natural Resources Defense Council discusses why we should do things

differently with our aging infrastructure and how Corvias is leading the way.


Corvias leaders are true listeners. Throughout the procurement process and into the initial partnership of Phase I, Corvias has consistently listened to priorities expressed by the BOR and the nine Phase I institutions while remaining flexible and responsive to the varying and changing needs of such a complex, diverse program. From our first interaction, Corvias has demonstrated a clear commitment to partnership and continues to place the success of the USG institutions and students as their primary goal.

Susan Ridley, Associate Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs | Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.