Corvias [kore-vee-us] is rooted in the Latin phrase “by way of the heart.” It represents the commitment we make to our partners. The passion we bring to making a real difference in the world. And serves as our daily reminder to lead with our hearts, speak from our conscience, and improve local communities — and society at large — through every one of our partnerships. We take our work personally because, just like our partners, we’re engaged citizens and community members with a vision for a better tomorrow. And a plan to make our vision a reality. And, as a privately owned company, we do not have the constant pressure of shareholder returns.  Corvias doesn't strive to make the most we strive to do the most.




Corvias partners with colleges and universities to solve their most demanding facility and infrastructure challenges. In our 11 higher education partnerships we have improved their balance sheets by providing for greater credit capacity and ancillary revenue growth, while reducing their operational liability and risk to free up revenues to pursue enrollment growth and an enhanced student experience.
Watch this video to learn about our financial model.


Moving Beyond the old way of doing things

LISTEN: Partner with you to understand your most pressing issues and concerns as well as your long-term strategic goals and objectives
LEARN: We look across the entirety of your campus to assess your current state and evaluate all of the potential alternatives to best meet your needs
CREATE: Architect potential solutions that don’t require you to give up control of your assets or sacri􀄤ce the long-term value of those assets
EXECUTE: Unlock the maximum value of your assets and put that capital to work for you




In our model, the designated beneficiary is always
the partnership.

  • We earn a flat, performance-based fee while
    providing all the risk mitigation and benefits of a
    public-private partnership.
  • A percentage of the net cash flow goes toward a
    reinvestment reserve to upgrade and replace
    assets as needed, with the intent of leaving your
    inventory of assets in ‘like new’ or ‘new’ condition
    at the conclusion of the partnership.
  • All of the residual value generated by the
    program always flows back to your university and
    can be allotted toward university priorities

Demonstrated Experience