Dalton State College

Dalton, Georgia

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Through a transformative partnership with Corvias that was focused on achieving Dalton State College’s near- and long-term objectives, the rural campus in Northwest Georgia is set to transition from a two-year commuter campus to a four-year academic college. Corvias and Dalton State collaborated to identify solutions to the College’s pressing challenges. More than 90% of Dalton State College’s students receive financial aid. Creating a dynamic residential experience on campus maintaining affordability was paramount to the College’s ability to best serve its students. Together, Corvias and Dalton State College created a new campus residential community that maintained the affordability the students needed while allowing them an opportunity to live and learn on campus through an engaging campus community, something not previously offered.

Moving beyond the initial development that was so critically needed to achieve the College’s immediate objectives, Corvias and Dalton State outlined a long-term plan for continuous upgrades to the new housing community throughout the 65 year partnership term to ensure it always remained modern and met the needs of the students. Because Corvias’ approach returns all residual cash flow to the partnership, Dalton State College can outline a path using these ongoing funds to meet future priorities and maintain a vibrant residential experience for students.

At the start of the partnership, the Corvias team collaborated with key College stakeholders and evaluated housing analyses and growth projects. Through this interactive learning process, the team designed a new 365-bed facility that is the first purpose-built student housing in the College’s history. The new building, named Mashburn Hall, is set with a backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Corvias and Dalton State took special care to incorporate the stunning scenery in the design. The team complemented and enhanced the natural backdrop and surroundings with a “U” shaped building that forms a courtyard and takes advantage of the magnificent view and existing greenscape.

Knowing that bringing the students together to engage with one another in their new campus community helps support their overall success, Corvias created an appealing and attractive exterior environment which uses green spaces for connecting corridors to integrate the new housing to the existing campus. Corvias incorporated an advanced stormwater solution for effective and natural filtration and direction of rainwater. Harvesting natural rainwater for reuse contributes to the strategy of reducing overall water consumption by at least 15%, meeting a mandatory requirement for the Georgia Peach Green Building Rating System.

Mashburn Hall provides students a dynamic live-learn space with amenities including lounges, group study rooms, and laundry rooms on each residential floor. The bold interior colors create an icon for each floor with movable furniture that creates flexibility for gathering spaces. On alternating floors, residents have access to community kitchens and game rooms.


Because Corvias believes that living and learning happens as much outdoors as indoors, recreational amenities, gardens, a veranda, and outdoor study areas are provided for Dalton State College students and are fully accessible, modern, and safe. An area adjacent to the courtyard-level kitchen will provide space for cookouts and other outdoor dining activities. Outdoor seating, fire pit, BBQ grills and offer additional activity areas for students. Through the new student housing project, Corvias assisted and will continue to support Dalton State College in their quest to achieve excellence in a learning environment dedicated to serving a diverse student body, promoting high levels of student achievement, and providing a range of educational and student life opportunities and appropriate academic support services.

Corvias’ long-term partnership approach with Dalton State College provides established reserves (CR&R and Reinvestment Reserve) that take a proactive approach to ensure the College’s facilities always remain in quality condition and adjust to current campus needs. With over 100,000 beds in its portfolio, Corvias is able to leverage its experience to achieve operating efficiencies and purchasing power for Dalton State College. Corvias is unique in providing a long- term renovation and replacement plan that renovates and/or replaces all housing included in the partnership at least five times following the initial revitalization period when new improvements take place and select renovations are completed.

As the largest metropolitan area in Northwest Georgia, Dalton is a regional magnet for manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and education. In fact, the US Chamber of Commerce named Dalton one of four places in the country where business and education have joined forces to improve long-term educational performance, and so a partnership with Dalton State College meant focusing on the priorities of the community, as well as the College.

Corvias partnered with Dalton State College to create a community that would last for generations to come. Through a customized partnership program—from the initial development to ongoing O&M to the long-term partnership vision— specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Dalton State College and its students, Corvias will put our experience to work to address the needs and goals of the College, even as they change. As Dalton State College’s partner, we will address the needs of students and improve the quality of life in the region through tailored development, economic, and community programs—working together with the entire campus community to make success a continued reality for the life of the partnership.