Edwards Air Force Base

Edwards Air Force Base, California

Corvias worked collaboratively with our partners, the US Air Force, the 412th Test Wing, and the US Air Force Test Pilot  School, to develop a master plan for the community at Edwards AFB. Our overarching goal was to improve the quality of life for residents who are located in an isolated, desert environment. Corvias implemented environmentally conscious solutions that improve the quality of life for the residents at the installation. We accomplished this by placing a heavy emphasis on green operations and maintenance practices, innovative landscaping techniques, the development of sustainable community amenities, an installation specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for 402 acres, and an extensive solar energy program. The solar program deploys approximately 4MW of solar power on base, for which the Air Force will receive an estimated 152GWh in Renewable Energy Credits.

The housing program includes the renovation and management of 741 homes, including 226 duplex and 296 single homes, and 219 non-debt serviced unit (NDSU) homes in seven existing neighborhoods. This renovation program brings the homes up to date with improved exterior aesthetic characteristics and interior design enhancements. The renovated units achieve LEED-Silver Certifications with provisions for climate, seismic activity, and soil conditions. Additionally, the United States Air Force Test Pilot School (TPS) is located at Edwards AFB. TPS students are experienced military pilots who come to Edwards AFB from all branches of the US armed services and from allied countries. TPS student classes arrive every six months and are required to be placed in housing designed for their rank. The on-site Corvias operations team coordinates with all TPS students to ensure the proper size homes are available for each family.

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As part of the six Continental Group locations, the project required a complex and innovative financial strategy. Corvias facilitateD an innovative financing structure through Pacific Life in order to raise $402 million in capital. Of the $402 million raised for the Continental Group portfolio, approximately $25 million went to Edwards in order to complete the renovation of 741 on-post homes.


Working collaboratively with the US Air Force, Corvias fosters a sense of community through the renovation and property management of 741 homes, all with modern features, in a master-planned environment, providing an array of community amenities and professional spaces.These amenities include a state-of-the-art community center that provides media rooms, meeting venues, fitness facilities, computer labs, accessible pools, and playgrounds. In addition, an Immediate Impact Program was initiated to incorporate improvements into the neighborhoods by adding shade structures to playgrounds, a trail system for pedestrian circulation, and outdoor fitness equipment.


Corvias and the community at Edwards AFB developed an extensive trail and park system that connects back to the 15,000 SF community center. Trails run along the waterfront, throughout the family neighborhoods, and link sub- neighborhoods together. Along the trails are playgrounds, pavilions, BBQs, dog parks, and community gardens, creating a pleasant environment for individuals and families.


California law and the arid climate at Edwards AFB require Corvias to implement Xeriscaping - a landscaping method for the conservation of water. Corvias completed Xeriscaping in all common areas and individual home sites, providing a consistent, attractive streetscape and reducing water consumption. The drought tolerant trees and shrubs Corvias installed ensure that the residents at Edwards AFB have a consistently beautiful landscape to enjoy year-round.


Corvias is harnessing the power of California’s abundant sunshine to create environmentally responsible solutions for the US Air Force. As part of the Privatized Housing Solar Challenge, Corvias has installed roof-mounted solar panels on all homes, playing a large part in helping our partner meet goals to reduce emissions and increase the production of renewable energy. This solution is delivered at no cost to our partner and all cost savings are returned to the partnership.


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