The more we do together, the more we do

Our mission is to be personally committed to solving our partner's most difficult, systematic challenges by reimagining what is possible and realizing more resilient communities together. We believe a culture of caring, purposeful, diverse and courageous humans who want to make a difference for our partners will help us achieve that mission. Staying true to our Three Core Principles lies at the heart of our mission and culture.

Our Culture

True Partnership

You feel it everywhere at Corvias: The enthusiasm of passionate people striving to accomplish great things. As a Corvias employee, you're constantly challenged to use your talents and point of view to inspire others and help turn opportunity into success. 

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Our Core Principles are deeply ingrained in our culture and guide our behavior. In fact, every day we make decisions looking through the lens of our Core Principles. To stay true to them, we engage in partnerships in which we can provide the highest levels of customer service; play an important role in the community; and endeavor to make Corvias the best place to work. 


Each year we honor team members who embody our Core Principles:



Best Community Partner

In one year, Vesna personally organized drives to collect toys during the holidays, personal hygiene products for the homeless, and gently used winter coats for those in need. Her selflessness inspires her friends at work and for that she earned a Core Principle award for being the best community partner. We believe we have an obligation to support the communities where we live and work. Each year Corvias employees donate thousands of community service hours. They join together to volunteer with their fellow team members, but, like Vesna, also give back on their own time.

Best Place to Work

Ron won an award for helping to make Corvias the best place to work because — as his team expressed — “He takes time to listen and allows everyone the opportunity to share their ideas, concerns, and needs. He never judges and he helps his coworkers find solutions.” Striving to be the best place to work isn’t as simple as providing free food and generous paid time off. While we make every effort to provide an exceptional benefit package, we think it’s about recognition, work/life balance, wellness, and learning, too. Our employees also play a big part in making Corvias the best place to work. Team members, like Ron, who are genuine and kind make coming to work something to look forward to every day.

Best Provider of Service

Last year a team member in Georgia received a Core Principle award for outstanding customer service. Gerald’s teammates nominated him because he’s authentic in his intentions to take care of his students. Because of where Gerald sits, he hears the maintenance work order requests come in. His goal is to complete each work order before it’s officially entered into the system. Throughout our 26 partnerships, we have collected hundreds of stories of employees like Gerald who are energized by hard work, have fun along the way, and are selfless in their commitment to take care of our customers.