At Corvias, we always have your best interests in mind. We’re not like everyone else — in fact, we’re different by design, and proudly so. By pivoting your organization from a reactive responder to a proactive problem-solver, we’ll help you unlock greater value, realize efficiencies in spending, and reinvest excess dollars in your assets and your infrastructure. But what’s the ultimate added value of our partnership? Our approach allows for reinvestment, long-term sustainable growth, and preplanned spending. Which means you can finally climb out from under all of the challenges holding your institution back — and start delivering against your core mission.

The Corvias Concession Approach starts by acknowledging that the assets we’re working with don’t belong to us. They belong to your institution and the people who call those institutions home. We never lose sight of that over the course of our partnership. We’re all about adding value for the direct benefit of you and your communities. No one else thinks that way.

That means you always stay in control. And from a financing perspective, the residual value of our partnership — the long-term value outside of our fair fee — goes back to your institution. You keep all the cash flow and residual value.

To finance your programs, we ensure the right people will lend against how you want to do it. In fact, we have zero bias in how deals are financed — as long as they’re the most effective and efficient to meet your needs.


Differentiator 1: Flexibility

We know that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for our partners. That’s because every problem is different and requires a flexible, adapted approach. We’re always looking for new ways to solve the problems you face today, tomorrow, and 20 years down the road. By being flexible, we uncover infinite possibilities for your progress.

Differentiator 2: Transparency

Every part of our partnership, from financing to reinvestment, is an open book. If there are savings to be realized, every penny goes directly back to you, not us.

Differentiator 3: Broad expertise

From financing to construction, energy to waste management, and community services to architectural engineering, we bring the right blend of experts together to solve your most essential problems.