Achieve Financial Stability

Retain control over assets and student experience without additional financial exposure

Corvias partner schools direct, retain, and control 100% of cash flow, allowing the school to invest in key priorities. Since debt is raised through a separate entity, it sits off the balance sheet.

Defease debt with an off-balance sheet solution that doesn’t negatively impact credit

The Corvias approach plans for short- and- long-term growth needs without issuing new school debt. Our alternative financial approach delivers non-recourse debt with off balance sheet treatment and likely positive credit impact.

Stronger position with rating agencies

Rating agencies tend to review a Partnership Concessionaire Model favorably based on several factors: They’re structured to eliminate financial exposure; schools maintain ownership and control of assets; deferred maintenance goes away as a risk; and schools experience better cash flow back over the life of the partnership.

Expand your access to more capital markets

Corvias maintains relationships with placement agents that have ready access to capital. They have a wealth of experience in the private placement markets. Together with our financing partners, we have secured $3.8 billion for 32 existing partnerships with our higher education and government partners.


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