Be a Valued Community Partner

We have designed our Core Principles to consistently empower every member of our team to reach higher in how we develop partnerships and give back. By investing where we live and serve, Corvias ensures that each partnership truly benefits the community in which it is located. Among our 28 partnerships to date, Corvias has invested a total of $2.1 billion in our communities through actual program contracting, with the majority going to local and small businesses, as well as significant community giving.



Corvias leaders are true listeners. Throughout the procurement process and into the initial partnership of Phase I, Corvias has consistently listened to priorities expressed by the BOR and the nine Phase I institutions while remaining flexible and responsive to the varying and changing needs of such a complex, diverse program. From our first interaction, Corvias has demonstrated a clear commitment to partnership and continues to place the success of the USG institutions and students as their primary goal.

Susan Ridley, Associate Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs | Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.


Community Investment

Public-private partnerships have the power to be economic engines that drive job creation, business development, and commercial growth. Corvias has a strong history of community investment. Not just building relationships within the community, but also in helping to build it. The Corvias team has contracted more than 80% of subcontracts in our partnerships to local, small, minority, and women-owned businesses.

Small Business Type Percentage Commitment Subcontracted Dollars
SB Concerns 82% $1,353,593,291
Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDBs) 5% $88,991,476
Woman-Owned SBs (WOSB) 13% $213,290,962
Veteran-Owned SBs (VOSBs) 5% $85,116,344
Service-Disabled, VOSBs (SDVOSBs) .5% $11,181,568
Similar P3 Programs Subcontracted SB Dollars % of Subcontracted
Dollars to SBs
Subcontracted MBE Dollars % of Subcontracted
Dollars to MBEs
Clean Water Partnership $5,535,771 66.0% $790,669 9.4%
USG Portfolio $30,628,934 21.1% $8,621,070 5.9%
Fort Meade $257,887,173 83.3% $4,220,531 1.4%
Fort Bragg $504,36,515 80.5% $13,227,047 2.1%
Fort Polk $197,456,734 71.7% $28,749,598 10.4%
Fort Rucker $121,571,760 92.8% $11,367,708 8.7%
Fort Riley $384,498,260 81.3% $25,505,539 5.4%
Fort Sill $116,772,014 75.3% $10,877,508 7.0%
APG $39,596,223 71.6% $7,796,340 14.1%
TOTAL $1,153,946,869 N/A $111,156,010 N/A