Corvias partners with colleges and universities to help them solve their infrastructure challenges. We work in step with our partners to serve more than 100,000 students and military residents in 30+ partnerships across the U.S. 

The value Corvias brings to our campus partnerships lies in our ability to raise capital for the development of new and renovated campus housing, oversee construction and to maintain and operate our student housing assets to ensure their long-term viability. 

Corvias Higher Education Partnerships

Our higher education partnerships reflect our three core principles, which are to provide the highest levels of customer service; generously give back to the communities where we live and work and to be the best place to work.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions at every level across the U.S. are planning for the best way to return students to school. In higher education, where the majority of students live, learn and play in close proximity, our partners must consider how they will protect the health and safety of its community while also protecting their academic enterprise. We ensure that campus housing facilities are being properly maintained, allowing our partners to focus their efforts to provide students with a safe and welcoming environment in which to continue their studies.

Corvias continues to support our partners through this challenge. In addition to properly maintaining campus housing, we will coordinate with our partners to ensure that they can implement their campus reopening and continuity plans. In these dynamic times, this approach allows each of our campus partners to develop and apply their own plans pursuant to applicable state and local guidance. In some instances, our partners are implementing (or hiring third parties to implement) enhanced cleaning protocols, planning for contact tracing, coordinating affected students’ move into isolation spaces, and closing  common areas and amenities as necessary.

Corvias must also protect the health and safety of our team members, which is why we have implemented the following permanent safety practices:

  • Provided personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for all team members
  • Required PPE training
  • Re-arranged office settings so all team members are at least six feet apart
  • Regular disinfecting of work spaces
  • Virtual work orders
  • Virtual move-ins and move-outs as possible