September 3, 2019

The Stormwater Authority of Chester through its partnership with Corvias today announced a continued investment of $9.9 million from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST). The investment from PENNVEST will fund the implementation of a comprehensive infrastructure rehabilitation/improvement program for the stormwater system throughout the City of Chester.  The infrastructure improvements will include the installation of approximately 9,500 feet of pipe, 65 catch basins, 200 manholes, and associated roadway restoration. Through inspection, condition assessments, and analysis, these improvements will provide various benefits such as debris and sediment removal, water quality enhancements, pipeline rehabilitation and capacity enhancements that support the overall goal of pollutant reduction. 

“The impact of the ongoing PENNVEST funding can be seen through the green infrastructure projects that have increased overall beautification and water quality throughout the City,” said Keisha Brown, Partnership Liaison at Corvias. “The partnership received $9.9 million to expand the scope to aid in more extensive infrastructure improvements because of the positive results from the ongoing evaluation and analysis of the completed green infrastructure and catch basin cleaning and retrofit projects that are functioning throughout the city.”

The $9.9 million award makes the total capital raised for the partnership more than $24 million including a mix of long-term, low-interest rate loans and grants and will help create a wide range of social and economic development benefits for the city.   To date, the partnership has successfully completed the Veterans Memorial Park and Chester High School Green Infrastructure projects from prior PENNVEST awards.  The stormwater best management practices at these two sites include newly installed bio-retention basins, rain gardens and catch basins that manage stormwater and chronic flooding while improving visual aesthetics of the park and school. Additionally, the Catch Basin Cleaning and Retrofit projects have resulted in metrics to date which include 470 of 1,700 Catch Basins Cleaned and Assessed, 9,125 gallons of standing water removed, and 27,500 gallons of debris removed.

“We are thrilled that, through PENNVEST and the City of Chester resident and business communities, we are able to improve the quality of the water ways as well as the stormwater infrastructure,” said Dr. Horace Strand, Executive Manager at the Stormwater Authority of Chester. “This partnership is enabling us to educate our residents on the importance of stormwater management, create local jobs, and restore pride in our community. We are thankful and appreciative of this continued investment and look forward to supporting this great endeavor for the City of Chester.”

Robert Cooper from Inspections & Retrofit Crew Infrastructure Solutions Services added, “I’m grateful for the Stormwater Authority of Chester and proud to be a part of this partnership, both as a crew member and as a resident.  First, it has provided me the opportunity to develop a long-term career in the green infrastructure industry.  Additionally, I feel good about the work I’m doing because my children will benefit by improving the health of our waterways.  Every day that I spend cleaning and retrofitting catch basins is making a measurable difference in the city.”



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Our mission is to educate and inform the public about the various efforts the Stormwater Authority is making to help reduce stormwater runoff, as well as decrease the amount of pollution that gets carried into our local streams and the Delaware River as a result of stormwater runoff. 


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