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Corvias is working to create a new residence hall at EGSC through a 40-year partnership with the USG that spans nine higher-education institutions. Assuming operations and management of all on-campus housing, Corvias has prioritized immediate impacts through quality-of-life living/learning improvements. In addition to building 214 new beds at Bobcat Villas West, Corvias has assumed operations of the 200 existing beds. The new residence hall is comprised of four-bedroom suites with private sleeping areas, two shared bathrooms, and a kitchenette. Shared space features also include large gathering areas, office space, laundry rooms, and 100 parking spaces. In addition to renovating the clubhouse that anchors the new and old residence halls, Corvias improved the connectivity from the new student housing site to the adjacent existing hall, clubhouse and on campus student activity center/dining facility.

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