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Corvias was selected to rejuvenate the housing community in rural Fort Polk, Louisiana. Partnering with the US Army, Corvias identified multiple opportunities to mitigate the risk of a project that was remotely located and characterized by higher-than-normal service member attrition. Realizing that a sense of community would help ease concerns and attract tenants, the partnership altered the development schedule to prioritize resident-friendly, immediate-impact projects. By elevating the communal experience and providing attentive maintenance services, Corvias has increased resident retention by more than 13%. In addition to improving the community experience, Corvias has delivered services and solutions to positively impact the environment. Corvias delivered a turn-key solar energy solution that will provide 604GWh in total Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) for our partner and implemented a stormwater management plan to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff on 2,099 acres. These projects, among others, have successfully promoted community resiliency and have significantly reduced the installation’s carbon footprint.

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