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On November 1, 2008, at a time when there was significant uncertainty and risk in the market, Corvias began serving the residents at Fort Sill. During that period, Corvias began providing 24-hour emergency maintenance, which improved response time to service requests. In addition, Corvias implemented a curbside-recycling program, developed a free recreational vehicle storage lot, improved playgrounds and parks, and initiated free resident events. In the summer of 2010, Corvias secured the financing necessary to begin construction and redevelopment activities, bringing the comprehensive benefits of the partnership goals to realization. The Corvias partnership provides Fort Sill with 1,728 new and renovated, high-end, single- and multi-resident homes, including a new neighborhood, Buffalo Solider Acres. Corvias also performed renovations to 808 existing homes, including 332 historic homes, which required a more sensitive approach to design and renovation standards. In addition to the development and operation of the on-post homes, Corvias implemented a stormwater pollution prevention plan to combat stormwater runoff for the program’s 889 acres and a solar program that will provide approximately $2.4 million in savings that will be reinvested into the partnership.

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