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Nationwide reputation
900+ Corvias employees, spread across 32 offe and program locations, have built a strong reputation in successfully delivering unique financing solution, creative design concepts, on-time and on-budget construction, and long-term operation of campus facilities and infrastructure assets across the United States.
Industry-wide success
Corvias has successfully implemented over $2 billion in total development costs to execute new-build and renovation solutions for student housing, stormwater best management practices to treat over 100 acres, and energy solutions that have produced 70 megawatts of energy.
Long-term commitment
A core tenet of the Corvias approach is to reach beyond basic operations and maintenance to ensure assets remain viable and in like-new condition throughout the partnership. Corvias spends more than $200 million annually to maintain and renovate assets for our higher education partners.
Thinking local
Each partnership is an opportunity to lift up the community by utilizing local and small businesses. To date, over $375 million has been distributed to subcontractors on Corvias’ higher education partnerships.
Students first
Corvias touts a 97% on-time completion rate of service orders. Additionally, Corvias has been ranked fist nationally by SatisFacts Annual Resident Survey for seven years running in resident satisfaction for portfolios with at least 10,000 units–allowing students to stay engaged and focused on their academic environment.

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