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At Hurlburt Field Corvias oversees all comprehensive operation and management activities and the construction of 404 new homes. The homes will not only exceed Air Force standards for new construction, but are also capable of achieving LEED-Silver ratings. Collaboration between Corvias and our partner at Hurlburt Field brings about a strong sense of community through the new construction, renovation, and property management of single-resident and duplex units with modern features, amenities, and technology, in a master-planned environment. Our community approach includes lifecycle maintenance and retrofit programs for improved stormwater management. This approach includes the implementation of sustainable Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure practices. Additionally, Corvias is harnessing the power of Florida’s abundant sunshine to create environmentally responsible infrastructure solutions by installing roof-mounted solar panels that deploy approximately 2 MW of solar power on base, for which the Air Force will receive an estimated 57 GWh in Renewable Energy Credits.