Corvias Foundation and National Military Family Association Award Scholarships to 24 Military Spouses

Warwick, RI (March 22, 2023) – Frequent moves, deployments, and other demands of military life, however rewarding, can acutely impact a military family. This includes the spouse’s ability to carry on stable and secure employment in a variety of professions. That’s why Corvias Foundation, in cooperation with the National Military Family Association (NMFA), today announced a new round of Corvias Foundation/NMFA Licensure and Certification scholarship awards. The scholarships are supporting 24 spouses of active-duty military members serving in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force.

“We are grateful for our continued partnership with Corvias Foundation,” said Besa Pinchotti, NMFA CEO. “With their help, these 24 military spouses can focus on building their careers and investing in the financial stability of their military families.” Pinchotti continued, “Since the scholarship’s inception in 2015, more than 125 military spouses have received a total of more than $140,000 in funding, thanks to our important work together with Corvias Foundation.”

The need is clear. Nearly one third of employed military spouses work in professional fields that require state licensure or certifications, requiring them to secure new credentials when they relocate due to temporary orders or a permanent change of station.

Corvias Foundation partnered with the National Military Family Association to invest in military spouses who are working to build their careers.
Corvias Foundation partnered with the National Military Family Association to invest in military spouses who are working to build their careers.

“These costs add up over time with each move. The Corvias Foundation/NMFA Licensure and Certification scholarship addresses this problem by assisting in covering the cost of obtaining the necessary documents to continue careers in new states, and truly, we are so delighted to support a wide variety of military spouses in reaching their dreams across the country,” added Maria Montalvo, Corvias Foundation Executive Director. The recipients announced today include military spouses pursuing certification to be a birth doula, teacher, paralegal and business contracts specialist, and much more.

For example, Jamie L. worked with children over the years as a librarian, teacher, tutor, and author. She dreamed of deepening her work supporting children after her military family moved from Florida to Louisiana. Jamie explained, “while I held a public teaching certificate in the state of Florida for a short time, I knew I wanted to do a lot more in the studies of child psychology and in hopes of benefiting children's rights. In Louisiana, I gained professional exposure to the internationally acclaimed Montessori Method of child development and education. If the Bayou State was our new home, Montessori teaching was my new path.”

“My goals have not come without severe hurdles,” Jamie said. “I always look for the light, however, and that light comes from my children's laughter, my husband's jokes, a community that lifts each other up, and the birds and frogs singing across the bayou. With that light, I keep inching forward, knowing—one way or another—I'm going to make it.”

Corvias Foundation is proud to partner with NMFA and support military spouses in continued pursuit of their dreams. The 2022 scholarships total $21,250. To learn more about the Corvias Foundation, please visit, To learn more about the National Military Family Association, go to


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