Corvias helps you solve competing infrastructure priorities with innovative, sustainable solutions.

Our public-private partnerships with military and higher education partners are long-term and holistic. We know you have competing priorities for your time and resources. Our services span your infrastructure challenges — from financing to construction to energy solutions for the future.

Property Management 

For Corvias, managing your property means making sure your residents feel proud to call their community home. That includes preventive maintenance and ongoing reinvestment so assets are returned in like-new condition.

Energy Management 

Through our energy management solutions, our partners achieve individual building efficiencies and stabilize operating expenses. We help our partners reach their sustainable energy goals via energy conservation and renewable energy programs, such as geothermal and solar energy.

Wellness Residential Program

Enhancing the well-being, performance, and resilience of our soldiers and their families in our communities.  

Asset Management 

We ensure our partners’ assets are preserved throughout the partnership. That allows us to return to you competitive, modernized assets at the end of our partnership.

Design, Construction & Renovation 

We approach design, construction and renovation as an integrated process to ensure we meet your vision by first understanding your strategic goals and priorities.


We develop customized financing solutions for each project’s needs and goals. These solutions create long-term sustainable funding mechanisms and transfer financial risk to us.


Partnerships Nationwide

+ 87.00 K

Beds Managed

42.00 M

Gross Square Feet Developed and Managed

34.00 MW

Solar Installed

$ 2.80 B


+$ 3.00 B


Creating a True Partnership

We are personally committed to solving our military and higher education partners’ most difficult, systematic challenges. We do this by reimagining what is possible — and then creating a more dynamic and resilient community together.

Icon of a handshake in the shape of a heart - Partner


We create long-term partnerships. We work collaboratively to determine the true scope of a relationship, its real potential and the challenges you face.

Icon of two location icons connected by a curved line - Plan


From architecture to community planning, we work as one team during planning. Then, we partner with the financial community to realize our plans affordably and efficiently.

Icon of a dollar sign surrounded by two arrows rotating - Sustain


Through reinvestment, we unlock operational funding for projects over the long-term. By returning cash flow back to you, we create more economically sustainable programs.

Icon of three arrows going in different directions - Flexibility


We find new ways to solve the housing, facility, or energy problems you face today — so they continue to work 20 years down the road.

Icon of a magnifying glass with an eye - Transparency


Every part of our partnership is an open book. From financing to reinvestment, every penny of savings we create goes directly back to you.

Icon showing three people connected - Broad Expertise

Broad Expertise

From financing to construction to energy management, we bring together the right experts to solve your most essential facility and infrastructure problems.