Corvias asset management ensures the long-term care and condition of your assets. From a military home to a higher education residence hall, Corvias works with you to make sure assets remain safe and marketable throughout the project life and beyond.

We forge decades-long relationships with our military and higher ed partners. A critical component to providing value over the long term is adapting and evolving to respond to changing situations. Our asset management team continually looks ahead so we’re meeting your needs today — as well as in the future.

Corvias Asset Management Services

Our asset managers work closely with best-in-class vendors and the rest of our Corvias team to provide you with full-service asset management, including:

  • Managing your reinvestment account together with you
  • Overseeing construction
  • Planning and working with our financing team for out-year development
  • Managing the ground lease
  • Ensuring contract compliance
  • Directing cash investments into the assets
  • Providing quality oversight of projects
  • Assessing all aspects of your asset’s lifecycle and making decisions about when or what to replace (e.g., a property’s roof, etc.)

Asset Management Solutions That Work

Many of the infrastructure problems we address are connected, such as property and asset management, energy management and financing.

That’s why we look at your needs holistically. As part of managing your assets overall, we look for creative solutions to reduce your operations costs and add value to your portfolio.

For example, as a U.S. Military partner, Corvias developed a $325 million solution to provide needed funding to raise the quality of life in older military housing. The Corvias asset management team directs where and how that $325 million will be invested to meet the needs of modern military families. This investment included over $100 million in energy and water management solutions that create value over the life of the project.

Learn how our asset management solutions improve the lives of military housing residents


Beds managed nationwide across military and higher education

$ 200.00 + M

Spent annually to maintain and renovate higher education assets

46.00 %

Annual electricity consumption offset by solar at three military installations in 2019

Benefits of Working With Corvias

Corvias helps its partners reach their property goals to ensure their facilities retain value throughout our partnership. For instance, when we renovate older housing, we look for ways to upgrade to energy efficient solutions, including LED lighting and low-flow toilets, and high efficiency HVAC, to enable substantial portfolio efficiencies.

Benefits of working with Corvias include:

  • Customized solutions to fit your unique goals
  • Design, construction and renovation services that complement your asset management plans
  • Creative financing solutions that bring your plans to life
  • Energy management services that allow you to reduce energy operation costs along with your carbon footprint
  • Best-in-class vendor partners with specialized expertise in all aspects of your property and asset management plans
  • Ongoing property management

Meet Your Asset Management Team Lead

Headshot of Pete Sims

Peter Sims

Managing Director, DOD