Corvias Foundation and National Military Family Association Support 172 Military Spouses in Career Advancement and Financial Stability

Warwick, RI (February 9, 2024) – Moving with a family of four is exhausting. For Jessica P., it wasn’t just the packing and unpacking, setting up a new home, or getting the family adjusted to new schools and jobs that was hard. Jessica recently moved with her husband, an active-duty member of the military, and children to a new base in Washington state. A social worker, Jessica had an added stress—changing states means Jessica must transfer her social work license in the new state in order to continue to work, as she has needed to do each time they move, a task that took valuable time and money.

Frequent moves, deployments, and other demands of military life can deeply impact many military families like Jessica’s. This includes the spouse’s ability to continue stable and secure employment in a variety of professions that include state licensure and certification. The need is clear. Nearly one third of employed military spouses work in professional fields that require state licensure or certifications, necessitating that they secure new credentials when relocating due to temporary military orders or a more permanent change of duty station.

“These costs add up over time with each move,” says Jen Sousa, Corvias Foundation Board President and Corvias Chief Operating Officer. “These license and certification costs can prevent military spouses from being able to continue their careers, even though military families, just like their civilian counterparts, increasingly rely on dual incomes.”

Corvias Foundation partnered with the National Military Family Association to invest in military spouses who are working to build their careers. After moving to a new base with her family, Jessica was able to rejoin her social work career
Corvias Foundation partnered with the National Military Family Association to invest in military spouses who are working to build their careers. After moving to a new base with her family, Jessica was able to rejoin her social work career

The Corvias Foundation/National Military Family Association (NMFA) Licensure and Certification scholarship addresses this problem by assisting in covering the cost of obtaining the necessary documents to continue careers in new states. Corvias Foundation and NMFA awarded the 2024 round of scholarships to 24 spouses of active-duty military members serving in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force. This year’s recipients include military spouses pursuing certification to be clinical psychologists, social workers, play therapists, and much more.

For Jessica, the scholarship is deeply meaningful. “This opportunity means a lot to me and my family as it helps to ease the burden on my professional career due to our many moves. Relicensing in every state has been a hurdle on the way to working towards my independent license,” Jessica said.

“Your award has let me obtain my license in our new state, sign up for the required continuing education credits for my license, rejoin the national organization for my field of social work, and update my professional texts such as the updated DSM-V-TR,” she continued. “This has been such a big help in me getting back in the field of social work after so many moves, time off with children, and I just thank you so much from my whole family.”

The scholarship means a lot to those involved in administering the program, too. “Here at Corvias Foundation, we are proud to support these military families and their financial strength,” said Sousa. “Military families sacrifice so much, and it is energizing for us to support our families in a meaningful way.”

“We continue to be grateful for our partnership with Corvias Foundation,” said Besa Pinchotti, NMFA CEO. “With their support, these 24 military spouses can focus on building their careers and investing in the financial stability of their military families.” Pinchotti continued, “Since scholarship’s inception, 172 military spouses have received more than $140,000 in funding, thanks to our important work together with Corvias Foundation.”

Corvias Foundation is proud to partner with NMFA and support military spouses in continued pursuit of their dreams. The 2024 scholarships to 24 military spouses total $21,250. To learn more about the Corvias Foundation, please visit, To learn more about the National Military Family Association, go to


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