May 30, 2019

Corvias, a construction and housing management partner to the U.S. military, announced today that it has completed a re-roofing project for a group of homes originally built in the 1870s and located in the historical Old Post Quadrangle neighborhood at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

“Due to the historic nature of the homes, bringing them up to date requires a more sensitive approach to design and renovation standards,” said John G. Picerne, Founder and CEO of Corvias. “Out of respect for the history and craftsmanship of the homes, Corvias places an emphasis on quality, experience and sensitivity when approaching a project like the one recently completed at Fort Sill.”

The Corvias team collaborated closely with the Fort Sill Environmental Quality Department and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to ensure that renovations maintain the historical integrity of the properties. In addition to the re-roofing efforts, homes at Fort Sill are also undergoing energy upgrades, including the replacement of storm windows and repair of legacy windows.

The re-roofing project began in February and was completed in April of this year. Prior to this project, the 20 homes were last re-roofed in 1999 and received interiors updates and renovations in 2010.

“In working with our on-base teams and our partners at the Fort Sill Environmental Quality Department and State Historic Preservation Office, we are bringing the houses up-to-date, improving everyday life for the military families that call them home today,” said Picerne.

Since its partnership at Fort Sill began in 2008, Corvias has provided ongoing property management support and 24-hour emergency maintenance support and has overseen construction and redevelopment efforts, implemented a curbside recycling program, developed a free recreational vehicle storage lot, improved playgrounds and parks and initiated a series of regular events, which are free to residents. From 2010 to 2017, Corvias has seen a multitude of multiyear projects completed including the construction of 512 new high-end, single- and multi-resident homes and the renovation of 808 homes, 332 of which are historic. Corvias is also in the process of updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for routine maintenance issues associated with these and the other 312 historic homes on base.

In addition to its work at Fort Sill, Corvias also currently partners with the Army at Fort Riley, Fort Rucker, Fort Polk, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Fort Meade, and Fort Bragg.

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