Corvias Military Housing Advances Enhanced Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program

Program Will Continue to Ensure the Highest Levels of Service to Military Residents

Warwick, RI (March 26, 2024) – Corvias, a U.S. Army partner recognized with the national “Resident Satisfaction Award” from SatisFacts for its management of on-base housing communities across seven U.S. Army installations in six states, is delivering a newly updated, multi-faceted and comprehensive quality control and compliance program for its military housing portfolio. Corvias tailored its Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program to provide a comprehensive framework for enhancing living conditions and improving resident satisfaction.

Led by Melissa Bryson, regional vice president of compliance and quality control, the program focuses on developing, implementing, and monitoring standard operating procedures across Corvias' Department of Defense privatized military housing portfolio. This collaborative effort with the Army aims to provide enhanced QA/QC during day-to-day operations of privatized military housing in alignment with a recent report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that highlights the need for improved oversight and collaboration in military housing.

Maintenance team members are committed to ongoing professional development and skills training, ultimately contributing to increased resident satisfaction.
Maintenance team members are committed to ongoing professional development and skills training, ultimately contributing to increased resident satisfaction.

To align with the GAO report’s recommendations and Army requirements, Bryson explains, “Corvias developed a robust and thorough QA/QC program. This approach ensures that we are providing quality maintenance services to our military families, fostering teamwork and a culture of accountability, and ensuring uniformity of policies and procedures in the maintenance and care of military housing communities operated by Corvias Property Management.”

An ongoing, hands-on training curriculum is part of the program to continuously improve team members’ skills and update them on internal and industry standards. The training includes a new simulation training platform with Interplay Learning, an immersive skilled trades product solution. Fully invested in the program, Corvias worked with the Army to create over 20 QA/QC positions throughout the organization including managers, technicians, and regulatory compliance specialists.

“Our commitment to excellence extends beyond management; it encompasses the attentive care of our properties and resident satisfaction. Through stringent quality assurance protocols and quality control measures, we uphold the highest standards of maintenance and service, which builds trust, satisfaction, and lasting relationships with our residents and Army partner,” added Pete Sims, DOD managing director.

The core principles of Corvias’ QA/QC program include:

  • Adopting and continuously improving on strong standards for maintenance that team members can be trained on, held accountable to, and adhere to.
  • Conducting multiple levels of inspections, reviews, and audits to ensure that work is being completed to standard across all types of maintenance activity.
  • Actively communicating with residents through multiple channels to ensure their satisfaction with the work and reopen work orders that haven’t been completed to their satisfaction.
  • Integrating data analysis and trend tracking at all maintenance levels to inform operational decision-making with respect to maintenance, renovation, and new home construction across the portfolio.
Follow-up visits are an integral step in the QA/QC process to ensure the work is completed to applicable standards.
Follow-up visits are an integral step in the QA/QC process to ensure the work is completed to applicable standards.

As a member of the Military Housing Association (MHA), Corvias was at the forefront of the organization’s recent successful effort to adopt common QA/QC standards, and these core principles are consistent with those standards.

The Army prioritizes quality assurance measures across its housing portfolio to improve housing standards and accountability. Corvias’ efforts align closely with the Army's recent strides, which include:

  • Implementing department-wide quarterly programmatic reviews.
  • Establishing new DOD uniform housing standards and inspection protocols.
  • Working with private-sector Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) companies- including Corvias- to accelerate project investment to renovate or construct new housing units and update existing privatized housing.

By implementing these measures, Corvias and its U.S. Army partner are continuing to demonstrate their commitment to improving the quality of military housing and enhancing the overall well-being of service members and their families.


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