Corvias Property Management Employees Recognized for Excellence with Challenge Coins

November 4, 2021

Military historians often debate about the origin of challenge coins. Whether they originated during WWI or at an infantry-run bar in Vietnam, they are an impressive symbol of camaraderie.

The Corvias team at Ft. Bragg has received a number of coins over the years by assisting residents with a variety of services from moving in and out of housing and transitioning into retirement.

Although never officially sanctioned, challenge coins have been given by the highest-ranking military officials, including the Commander in Chief. When civilians receive a coin from a service member, it’s a big honor. “Anytime a resident goes out of their way to thank us, we are incredibly grateful,” said Heather Fuller, operations director of Corvias Property Management. “Receiving a special military gesture like a coin makes it even sweeter.”

Over the years, the Corvias Property Management team at Ft. Bragg has received coins for assisting with transitions moving into military housing, moving out and upon retirement.