Corvias Property Management Maintenance Technician Recognized for Heroic Actions

June 25, 2021

Recently, Fort Riley Fire Chief Ric Seward presented Corvias Property Management maintenance technician, Ryan Welborn, with the Fort Riley Fire & Emergency Services’ certificate of recognition for his heroic actions. Thanks to his quick thinking, Welborn prevented a considerable amount of damage to a resident’s home and their personal property.

While tending to his daily responsibilities, Welborn saw smoke coming from one of the housing areas. Knowing the risk to families living in the area, Welborn immediately followed the smoke to its source and found a family housing unit on fire. Following emergency protocols, he confirmed no one was inside the building and 911 had already been called before attempting to extinguish the fire with a garden hose. 

Mr. Eric Jorgensen, with Manko Window Systems, Inc., was also awarded the certificate of recognition for his help during the crisis.


Fire Chief Ric Seward presents Ryan Welborn, Corvias maintenance technician, with Fort Riley Fire & Emergency Services’ certificate of recognition.