Corvias Receives MarCom Gold Award

Multi-Media, Company-Wide Communications Program for Leadership Development, Recognized by Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals 


Warwick, RI (March 11, 2024) – Leadership development programs not only support internal employee retention, they bolster a company culture of agility to adapt to customers' changing needs. This one’s attracting national attention.

Corvias won The MarCom Awards’ Gold Award for the marketing and communications team’s significant contributions to the development and delivery of a company-wide leadership development program in 2023. The MarCom Awards recognizes outstanding achievements by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design, and production of marketing and communication materials and programs.

The Corvias leadership development program aligns leaders to create a consistent cultural experience for all team members. It includes department and operational leaders who sit at 25 Corvias locations, ranging from military installations to higher education residence halls. The comprehensive leadership development program includes materials, trainings, and activities to define what it means to be a successful leader and reinforce a values-based culture to attract, engage, motivate, and retain employees.

Corvias’ principle of being the best place to work is bolstered by the award-winning Corvias “Leadership Principles” program, which is delivered in multiple formats continuously throughout the year.
Corvias’ principle of being the best place to work is bolstered by the award-winning Corvias “Leadership Principles” program, which is delivered in multiple formats continuously throughout the year.

“Corvias is proud to develop an award-winning program that highlights our dedication to building effective teams, incorporating our vision and mission into company culture, and developing and retaining talent,” says CEO Chris Wilson. “Corvias understands the importance of creating a learning environment in which all employees feel a sense of belonging and participate and contribute freely—and we also appreciate how a great leadership culture inside Corvias positively impacts our ability to serve our partners with excellence.”

To increase engagement and participation among the leadership team at the training sessions, the marketing and communications team created 15 videos that support Corvias’ leadership principles. In addition, the team produced an interactive leadership development playbook, individual development plan template, and a leadership principles assessment form.

This program will continue to develop strong leaders who will make decisions for the Corvias team, partners, and residents through the lens of staying true to the company’s core principles – to be the best provider of customer service, generously give back the communities where Corvias lives and serves and be the best place to work. 


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