Corvias Updates More Than 85 Percent of Fort Bragg Homes

Fort Bragg, N.C. (February, 28, 2022) – Corvias, a long-term solutions and management partner to the U.S. military, recently completed energy conservation improvements to approximately 5,300 homes at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, that will reduce energy consumption while continuing to improve the living experience for military families. The more than 300,000 enhancements are part of Corvias’ $325 million Solutions Investment across six military installations.

“The investment in these energy conservation improvements increases the efficiency of the systems for our residents and reduces pollution by cutting energy use,” said Peter Sims, managing director for Corvias. “The overall savings will be used to further improve the Fort Bragg community as part of our long-term reinvestment effort.”

The upgrades at Fort Bragg, which can be viewed here include:

  • Water conservation measures, including installing more than 14,000 low-flow toilets,19,000 bathroom-faucet aerators, 5,000 kitchen-faucet aerators, and more than 10,000 shower heads. These low-flow fixtures reduce water usage, which can lead to lower utility costs.
  • Almost 245,000 energy-efficient lighting and fixture upgrades, providing each family with a more attractive and resourceful home.
  • More than 2,275 HVAC split systems, which are reliable, efficient, long-lasting and provide families with more cost-efficient and comfortable homes.
  • More than 2,200 weatherization additions, including insulation, weather stripping and energy-efficient windows. These upgrades will immediately contribute to more a comfortable home environment by improving the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.
  • Almost 5,300 “smart" thermostats that monitor temperature and building humidity.

  • Approximately 4,500 water meters, which incorporate the most up-to-date tools, to accurately measure water consumption. In turn, residents will have more precise usage reports and can closely monitor their consumption, as necessary.
  • Almost 1,600 water heaters, which meet peak environmental, energy conservation, and efficiency standards. The update reliably provides residents with hot water they can more easily control.

Corvias recently completed energy conservation improvements to more than 5,300 homes at Fort Bragg, North Carolina that will reduce energy consumption while continuing to improve the living experience for military families.

The $325 million Solutions Investment also encompasses major renovations and enhancements. More than 130 Pope-neighborhood homes will receive updated bathrooms, flooring, fixtures, open-concept floor plans, HVAC systems, electrical wiring, roofing, siding, interior paint, updated kitchens and new appliances. Corvias anticipates completing the project by mid-2022.

As a result of the Pope community’s housing enhancements, service members and their families will enjoy newly updated housing, while the Army will see a lower cost of maintaining older housing inventory. More funds will also be available for future long-term improvements.

The $325 million Solutions Investment will benefit more than 70 percent, or approximately 16,000, of Corvias-managed homes across Fort Sill, Okla., Fort Riley, Kan., Fort Meade, Md., Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Fort Bragg, N.C., and Fort Rucker, Ala. The changes are anticipated to save approximately $240 million over 30 years, with the savings being reinvested back into Corvias military communities to fund additional improvements. Once complete, the energy conservation measures will yield an average annual utility savings of approximately 16 percent of the company’s Army portfolio-wide utility-related operating expenses.

Unique to Corvias and its MHPI partnerships, a first-of-its-kind $325 million direct equity investment established in July 2019 has enabled significant, additional capital improvements for energy resilience and modernization, which enhance residents’ quality of life and increase energy efficiencies to achieve savings that are directly reinvested into the program. Corvias is leading the energy conservation upgrades in conjunction with Johnson Controls, a global leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings.



About Corvias and the Military Housing Privatization Initiative

Corvias is a partner to the U.S. Army as part of the U.S. Department of Defense Military Housing Privatization Initiative to revitalize, operate and maintain on-base military family housing. Started in 1996 to solve for a maintenance backlog of more than $20 billion for homes on more than 150 military installations, MHPI has enabled renovations, new construction, and water and energy saving initiatives, including one of the largest solar project in Kansas at the Corvias partnership at Fort Riley.

 About Corvias Property Management

For more than 20 years, Corvias Property Management has applied its resident-first approach to provide housing operations, maintenance and service support for military and university communities to create safe, high-quality places to live, learn, work and interact. Corvias Property Management manages 22,000 residential units, totaling approximately 50 million gross square feet of real estate across ten U.S. states and the District of Columbia, including at seven military installations and 15 universities.

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