Fort Bragg Housing Boasts More Value Compared with Off-Post

October 28, 2021

Corvias Property Management welcomed 1,323 new families to Fort Bragg between May and September this year. It was an exceptionally busy PCS season, but Corvias team members were energized by all the activity. And it shows! The average move-in satisfaction score was 4.82 out of 5 with residents sharing how positive their experience was. For example, one resident wrote that “Brielle was a very big help, and everything went great - love the new home.” Another resident expressed, “Corvias was awesome with my transition. Michelle addressed all my concerns and accommodated all my needs!”

Ardennes Jr enlistedOne of the many benefits of living on post is the convenience of paying rent.  As part of the privatized housing partnership with the U.S. Army, Corvias automatically receives active-duty service members’ Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).

BAH is a housing stipend the Department of Defense allocates to all active-duty service members and their dependents. As the name suggests, the money is intended to cover basic costs for rent, plus average utility costs (gas, electric, water and sewer).

While on- and off-post residents receive the same monthly BAH payment, only on-post residents receive benefits beyond their home’s walls, including:

  • Hassle free 24-hour maintenance
  • Lawncare is provided for front and backyards
  • Curbside, weekly trash removal
  • Pest control services
  • Access to community centers, playgrounds, and green areas
  • Fun, family-friendly resident events and
  • Award-winning customer service

Through BAH, Corvias also reinvests back into the community through housing and community renovations, improvements, and other enhancements. As a result, every on-post resident will reap the benefit of their BAH dollars – and more.

Military families who live off post pay out-of-pocket to cover basics. Lawn care and pest control are added expenses and communal areas may be farther from home or lesser maintained.

Additionally, the pandemic continues to drive housing prices to an all-time high. On-post residents, however, continue to reliably pay the same amount each month for quality housing and the security of living within Fort Bragg’s gates.

“Having one automatic payment that covers your home expenses including utilities and other needed services is one less thing our residents have to think about each month,” said Heather Fuller, operations director for Corvias Property Management at Fort Bragg. “We know military life has plenty of stresses, and housing should not be one of them.”