July 25, 2019

Corvias, a long-term solutions and management partner to the U.S. military, is improving military housing at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The improvement projects, which began on March 1, 2019, cover a wide variety of plans at the base and showcase Corvias’ commitment to resident service and satisfaction.     

Among the improvements being made across the Fort Bragg community are: 

  • Pedestrian corridor projects, including street and walkway paving and pressure washing 

  • Home projects, including gutter cleaning, air duct cleaning and pressure washing 

  • Community projects, including playground upgrades and regular assessments to identify additional repair needs 

“Our local teams, in coordination with our military partners, are focused on providing a high-quality residential experience for service members and their families,” said John G. Picerne, Founder and CEO at Corvias. “The projects are coupled with our re-commitment to communicating and providing exemplary customer service to our residents.” 

In addition to these ongoing projects, Corvias produces a monthly resident newsletter and hosts resident advisory group meetings to keep residents informed and ensure regular resident feedback is received and acted upon.  

At Fort Bragg, Corvias and its partnership with the U.S. Army is responsible for managing 6,458 homes, which supports an average of 975 direct annual jobs, and generated $7.17 million in output and approximately $1.6 million in wages during the lifetime of operations. These activities also generate approximately $11.6 million in total tax revenues for the state of North Carolina. More than 46% of homes at Fort Bragg are 40 years or older.  

Enacted by Congress in 1996, the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) leverages private-sector capital, as well as housing industry expertise in construction and management, to reverse the military’s housing deficiency by expanding and modernizing existing housing, with predictable, stable long-term operating costs and performance.  Through Corvias’ public-private partnership with the Army, it has built more than 9,500 new homes and renovated more than 16,400 homes across 13 military installations. Work is ongoing and all homes will undergo significant renovations and/or replacement during the life of each partnership. 

The partnership maintains a dedicated reserve account for deferred maintenance and capital improvements and is used over the course of the partnership to upgrade and maintain homes.   



About Corvias   

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