Spreading Holiday Cheer: How Corvias Teams Unite to Give Back This Season

Corvias Giving Back T-ShirtThe holiday season signifies a time of giving, sharing joy, and uplifting those in need. At Corvias, this spirit of generosity doesn't confine itself to a season; it's ingrained in our core principles year-round. With a longstanding commitment to giving back, we unite our teams not only during the holidays but throughout the year to positively impact our communities, support military families and service members, bolster local businesses, and create lasting positive change.

Throughout the year, we actively engage in philanthropic endeavors, embodying our commitment to social responsibility and community well-being. Activities include volunteerism, supporting local businesses, and matching donations. Giving back is at the heart of what we do. This year, we're continuing our journey of spreading joy, making a difference, and fostering a culture of giving.

Corvias Gives Back

The holiday season typically sees a 50% increase in volunteerism. In a survey conducted by America’s Charities Snapshot Employee Donor Research, 71% of respondents expressed the importance of working for a company that supports giving back and volunteering. This reinforces the idea that contributing during the holidays not only helps those in need but also enriches the experiences of employees. Here are the some of the ways Corvias teams have helped to spread joy and make a difference:

WSU Corvias employees gather food to support local community
Corvias team members collect items to donate to their local community.
  • Care Packages and Holiday Drives: Over the years, teams have come together to assemble care packages, host holiday events, partner with local organizations aimed at brightening holiday spirits.
  • Adopt-a-Family Programs: One powerful way to make a direct impact is by identifying a family in need an adopting them for the holidays. Teams have come together to provide essential items, meals, and gifts for families. By spreading joy and providing support during the holidays, anyone can make a difference.
  • Employee Giving Campaigns: Monetary donations are another avenue through which Corvias demonstrates generosity. Our $2 to $1 donation matching program encourages our employees to contribute to charitable causes, effectively multiplying the impact of their donations. Our Donation Match program reflects our belief in the power of collective giving and the importance of supporting those in need.
  • Lending Expertise: Corvias has hundreds of team members who are experts in construction, plumbing, electrical HVAC and more. Lending this expertise to a family or organization with a need to update its home or building is a meaningful way to create an environment for a happy holiday season.

Volunteering year round is one of the cornerstones of Corvias’ commitment to community involvement. The Corvias VTime benefit allows employees to take eight hours of paid time off to volunteer during working hours. Whether it's mentoring, serving meals at shelters, organizing charity events, or lending expertise to local organizations, our teams leverage this benefit by the hundreds of hours to make a difference, not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.

The benefits of making giving back a team activity are many. In addition to providing support to those in need, the opportunity for the team to come together outside of work can provide a sense of purpose and meaning, an opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, and the ability to cultivate a sense of community and connection.

Don’t know where to look? Start with community pages on social media, church bulletins, friends and family who can offer suggestions, or try to connect with non-profit organizations in your area and ask about support they are seeking.

Happy Holidays from Corvias!