The Time and Money Saver all On-Post Residents Receive

July 15, 2021

After a long pandemic winter, summer is here and it’s safe to say everyone is excited to be outside. Certainly, COVID-19 has increased the appreciation of our homes’ outdoor areas. Having complimentary commercial lawn care services has always been a cherished bonus for Corvias Property Management residents.

Let’s take a closer look why this amenity is so important:

1. Cost - Lawn mowers are available for a wide range of prices, but the average cost of a lawnmower is $637, according to Even if you choose to purchase a used lawnmower, routine maintenance (oil, tune-ups, blade sharpening, batteries for electric mowers, and air filters) is still necessary and will, of course, come at a cost. A bonus of complimentary lawn care: when it is time to move, a lawn mower will not be on the pack, sell, or donate list.

According to, outsourcing weekly mowing will cost between $25 to $50. The on-post residential lawns are mowed an average of 38 times during the growth season, so that reduces the out-of-pocket costs between $950 and $1,900 for military families. 

Local land care companies provide additional seasonal services to include spring and fall clean-ups, tree and conifer pruning, bi-weekly edging and weekly string trimming, storm drainage system maintenance and cleaning and shrub pruning.  All these added benefits may come at a cost in other communities, but Corvias includes this service as part of the monthly Basic Allowance for Housing.

2. Time - Military life is busy, filled with early mornings, trainings, deployments, and separations. According to, it can take nearly 30 minutes to mow a quarter acre of grass. However, having lawn care services provided for on-post families saves families precious time they can add back into their day to play with the kids, take up a new hobby, or simply enjoy time outdoors.

3. Curb appeal - Neighbors’ lawns are mowed on the same day, enhancing community curb appeal by consistently maintaining lawns at the same rate. Lawn care services are also provided in all community common areas, including playgrounds and community centers.

4. Weather - The temperatures will continue to rise, and rain will always be a possibility. Gone are the days when a quick mow is rushed in between bad weather forecasts and heat, Corvias takes the burden.

Commercial lawn care is different from individual lawn care or landscaping. Here is what you can expect from commercial lawn care services:

1. The goal is to keep lawns tidy and even is accomplished by mowing neighboring lawns on the same day or week. While lawn growth can be different at each home, commercial lawn care schedules are dependent on the overall mowing needs of the entire community

2. Corvias encourages residents to exercise their green thumbs. If residents would like to add flowers, then the grass near and around the flowerbed will be maintained. However, residents will be expected to maintain their own flowerbeds.

3. Commercial lawn care service requires the grass to be completely free of obstacles in the mowing area. A few minutes of resident preparation will ensure each home receives the lawn care it needs. Remove pet waste, toys, trash, furniture, and other items from grassy areas as well as unlock backyard gates to ensure a complete lawn care service.

As a reminder, lawns are mowed on a weekly or biweekly basis, dependent on the growing season. Corvias’ community offices are happy to provide the weather-dependent mowing schedule or answer any questions about lawn care.