Under the terms of the 46-year partnership, Corvias is financing, renovating, developing, operating, and maintaining residential facilities at Randolph Pointe Community at Fort Liberty, North Carolina for senior service members.

Partnership Solution

Just four years into the partnership between Corvias and the U.S. Army at Fort Liberty, Randolph Pointe was created as a 312-unit apartment community and has since become an integral part of the Fort Liberty community. It was extremely important that this development balance the feel of living in a market rate property for the Fayetteville community with the pride and convenience of being on the installation. Corvias delicately created a culture within the Randolph Pointe area that welcomes a diverse population of leaders focused on a critical mission along with amenities and features that recognize their high-stress and high-standard positions. After establishing Randolph Pointe as a critical component to senior-service member satisfaction, the Army agreed that there was a demand for a second phase, resulting in an additional 120 apartments in 2014.

Portrait of a man in army fatiguesPrior to Randolph Pointe’s opening, Fort Liberty's single and unaccompanied senior non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and officers had no on-post housing options and were forced to live off base. This group of young military leaders was under-served and could not benefit from living in convenient proximity to their workplaces, training facilities, and the service members under their responsibility. Through this partnership and the development of Randolph Pointe, Corvias has helped to resolve the deficit of adequate housing available to this critical population while supporting troop morale, readiness, and retention.

Community Impact

Corvias has subcontracted 73% of the work to small and local businesses to date throughout this partnership, allowing the local economy to continue to grow with the addition of new jobs. As a testament to Corvias’ commitment to providing our residents the highest quality service, Randolph Pointe received a national “Resident Satisfaction Award” from Satisfacts for receiving a resident satisfaction score above 85%.

The Corvias Maintenance Plan for Randolph Pointe begins with a high-quality standard in providing a superior product and follows through to the delivery of exceptional service.

Housing and Amenities

Apartment complex with a poolThe Randolph Pointe community provides residents with larger living areas, more adequate storage, and more spacious bedrooms. The community is complete with areas for living, exercising, storage, group gatherings, and a variety of other functions. All of this is available to Randolph Pointe’s residents, only steps away from where they work. In addition to high-quality housing, the community includes shared amenities in a centrally located 6,500-SF clubhouse. This facility provides residents with a location to workout, check email, and submit maintenance requests. Indoor amenities include a multipurpose room, fully equipped weight lifting and cardio rooms, locker rooms, a lounge with a flat-screen television and kitchen, business center, and staff offices. Outdoor amenities include a swimming pool with lap lanes, basketball and sand volleyball courts, and outdoor grilling areas. These amenities, along with our on-site operations and maintenance team, are available to all residents of Randolph Pointe.

O&M and Lifecycle Maintenance

The Corvias Maintenance Plan for Randolph Pointe begins with a high-quality standard in providing a superior product and follows through to the delivery of exceptional service. Maintenance staff from family housing is scheduled as support for after-hours emergency maintenance service and all maintenance employees are familiar with the project. In addition, the Maintenance Staff coordinates all apartment turnovers. Corvias ensures that service members receive personalized service, resident familiarity, and localized understanding of the community. Corvias employs emergency-maintenance technicians 24/7 who are available nights, weekends, and holidays to respond to all maintenance requests, allowing Corvias to react swiftly to maintenance, urgent, and emergency requests. As a result, Corvias has received rave reviews from Randolph Pointe residents, and the community’s occupancy is an impressive 89%.

Program Details

  • Develop and construct new apartment-style housing
  • Community Center offer spaces for relaxation, fitness, and collaboration; it also serves as an office area for maintenance personnel
  • Provide day-to-day maintenance, operations, and long-term repair for on-base housing
DURATION 46 years, 2007-2053
PROGRAM SIZE 432 units/702 beds/494,400 GSF/43 acres
LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT $205 million in planned replacement/renovation of all housing
Randolph Pointe entrance sign
Community center with a TV and computers
Inside of an apartment living room
Inside of an apartment kitchen and dining area