On-Base Housing Improvements Better Serve Residents

At Corvias, we consistently strive to improve the quality of life for residents who call our military housing communities home. In 2023 alone, we implemented major improvements to support the on-base living experience for service members and military families.

Completing a $325 Million Investment Across Military Housing Communities

In 2023, we completed a four-year, $325 million investment project which funded strategic infrastructure, energy, and water portfolio improvements across our military portfolio. This included upgrades across nearly 22,000 homes – at no cost to the Army – to further support Army goals, address critical needs of installations, provide energy and water savings, and enhance the quality of life for service members and their families.

Military Housing Fort RileyThese portfolio improvements include major renovations to existing homes such as energy efficient water heaters, lighting, HVAC units, toilets, and shower heads; as well as construction of new homes, enhanced community amenities, and sidewalk/roadway infrastructure improvements.

The Energy and Water Efficiency Conservation Measure (ECMs) upgrades will reduce electricity consumption by 12.7 million kWh, natural gas consumption by 1.3 million Therms, and water consumption by 264,000 kGal annually.

Annual Electric and Gas savings generated from the program are equivalent to:

  • 15,700 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Removing 3,500 gasoline powered passenger vehicles from the road
  • Carbon sequestered by nearly 19,000 acres of U.S. forests each year
  • Annual electricity use of more than 3,000 homes
  • Overall water consumption reduction will be equivalent to more than 16 Olympic sized swimming pools

The portfolio improvements have made on-base housing even more desirable for service members and their families. At Fort Meade, for example, the recently renovated homes were leased by active-duty service members within 10 days or less.

Improving Customer Service Technologies to Better Support our Residents

Maintenance Team Member with Ipad
Recent technology additions have reduced informational errors, improved work order times, and enhanced communication with our residents through real-time updates.

We continuously enhance our residents’ experience by integrating mobile technology into our property management operations. In 2023, field tablets were broadly employed for our maintenance technicians, warehouse coordinators, and inventory coordinators, enabling team members to spend more time addressing residents’ needs and less time in the office. The mobile devices are helping to redefine delivery of services by amplifying operational efficiency for our team and putting frequently accessed tools and resources within easy reach.

Not only have the tablets provided additional efficiency and functionality for our teams, but they have also allowed us to reduce the amount of time it takes us to address work orders, enhance communication with our residents with real-time updates, and reduce the administrative burden and informational errors that come with having to manually enter in daily data.

Our 2023 Improvements to On-Base Housing

In addition to portfolio-wide improvements to our military housing communities, we celebrated the completion of projects at Fort Johnson, Fort Meade, and Fort Riley.

Fort Johnson Military Housing Community

Pictured is Corvias and Army leadership cutting the ribbon on the renovated Berkley Court home assigned to Staff Sergeant Brody Gragg and his family.
Corvias and Army leadership cut the ribbon on the renovated Berkley Court home assigned to Staff Sergeant Brody Gragg and his family.

Quality of life is a top priority for our partners at Fort Johnson. In 2021, we announced a commitment to perform more than $92M worth of housing upgrades by 2024. In 2023, as part of that commitment, we and our Army partner celebrated the delivery of 22 newly renovated homes for this military housing community during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Berkley Court.

From new countertops, cabinets, flooring, appliances, light fixtures, windows and doors to exterior upgrades like new roofs, porches and walkways, these homes received a variety of extensive renovations. Geothermal heating and cooling pump upgrades will also significantly reduce the community’s carbon footprint. Additional road and driveway improvements, as well as modifications to allow for better drainage, strengthened the community’s infrastructure.

“As a long-term Army partner, we are fully invested in providing quality homes for our military families. After a long trip from Alaska, we welcome Staff Sergeant Brody Gragg and his family not only to Fort Johnson, but also to a house that they can be proud to call home,” said Pete Sims, Department of Defense Managing Director.

Fort Meade Military Housing Community

Recognized as the nation’s defense center for information, intelligence, and cyber operations, it is critical, and a top priority for Fort Meade leadership, to provide secure and convenient on-base housing options to service members and their families. The most recent renovations that our team completed at Fort Meade further exemplify our commitment to helping the Army and Department of Defense meet this need to provide quality on-base housing.

The completed project included upgraded flooring, bathrooms, kitchen counters and cabinets, and energy efficient lighting and appliances at 18 homes located in the Potomac and Patriot Ridge neighborhoods. Understanding the current demand for affordable and desirable on-base military housing is at an all-time high, our reinvestments into our military housing communities have attracted service members to well-priced, competitive, and modern outfitted residences, saving them from the inflated off-base market.

Fort Riley Military Housing Community

The ribbon cutting celebrated the completion of 52 new homes. Pictured left to right: Steve Milton, Fort Riley Army Housing Office Chief; Cmd. Sgt. Major Christopher L. Mullinax, Sgt. First Class Janet Godwin, Chief Warrant Officer Two Tatiana Santacruz, Garrison Commander Col. Michael Foote, Pete Sims, Managing Director DOD at Corvias; Kolby Stobbe, RVP Property Operations at Corvias.
The Fort Riley ribbon cutting ceremony celebrated the completion of 52 new three- and four-bedroom duplex homes. 

Finally, in 2023, we completed 52 new homes in the Warner Peterson neighborhood at Fort Riley. Developed in partnership with the US Army, these homes, including three accessible homes, aim to satisfy the needs of the modern military family.

The three- and four-bedroom duplex homes range in size from 1,735 to 2,125 sq. ft. and include high efficiency appliances, sleek cabinets, luxury vinyl flooring, ample storage and a safe room for inclement weather. These homes welcomed senior non-commissioned officers and their family members within a week of being available.

“Team Corvias has provided and created an environment where our soldiers and families can be successful…You won't find anywhere else that I've been, at least in my personal experience, where your kids and families and community are just outside their homes and enjoying everything that there is out there.” – Cmd. Sgt. Major Christopher L. Mullinax

Continuing Our Commitment to On-Base Housing in the New Year

In 2024, we will continue to reinvest into our partnership with the U.S. Army at all installations where they have military housing partnerships to consistently improve the on-base housing experience and enhance the quality of life for military families.

Some of our future improvements include playground updates, both medium and major home renovations and ground-mount solar projects. These solar projects will provide long-term savings with stable and predictable utility rates for our housing communities and support the Army’s strategic objective of 100% carbon pollution-free electricity for installation needs by 2030.

This work is part of both short- and long-term capital improvement plans, as well as through partnership savings created by utilities and water efficiency programs that reduce expenses and fund additional improvements.