Clean Water Crusaders

October 3, 2018

Storm Water Solutions Cover 10.18.JPGIn 2015, Prince George’s County, Md., pursued a community-based public-private partnership (CBP3) model developed by the U.S. EPA Region 3, and selected Corvias as its private partner to retrofit an initial 2,000 acres of storm water infrastructure with low impact development (LID) and green infrastructure best management practices (BMPs). The Clean Water Partnership (CWP) is the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to successfully implement and complete a CBP3 model solution to storm water management at such a large scale.  

As part of the larger partnership, a CWP Schools Program was designed as a pilot to assist Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) with treating and managing storm water runoff from impervious sites by utilizing LID and green infrastructure BMPs. Schools are selected to receive new, green storm water retrofits to help with managing untreated runoff from impervious areas and reduce the impact of sediments and pollution that flow into natural waterways. This collaborative effort between PGCPS and CWP will guarantee that the county’s federal storm water standards are met while providing an educational legacy of future generations committed to managing the water quality in their communities.  

The LID Center is one of the partners assisting the CWP in developing the planning approach, BMP technology selection and public outreach to support CWP in completing its goals. In a planning and design role, the LID Center also understands local site conditions, permitting requirements and design standards. 

LID is utilized heavily across CWP projects to include the ACP and Schools Programs. Some of the more visible installations are done in collaboration with stakeholders from the Prince George's County communities to include local municipalities, schools, libraries and churches. 

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