May 30, 2019

Corvias Foundation, a private charitable foundation dedicated to increasing opportunities for military families, in partnership with the National Military Family Association (NMFA), a nonprofit that serves military families, today announced the 2018/2019 class of recipients for their military spouse career advancement support scholarship.

“For more than four years, we have relied on NMFA to help us support the unique educational and career needs of military spouses,” said Maria Montalvo, Corvias Foundation Executive Director. “Spouses working in highly specialized fields, like nursing or social work, are required to obtain new licenses and certifications to continue to grow professionally and contribute to their families. The Corvias Foundation/NMFA Licensure and Certification scholarship program was developed to meet that specific challenge.”

This year’s recipients include 24 military spouses from nine states and is the fourth year the two organizations have teamed up to provide funding for the scholarships. Funds will go towards the procurement of professional certifications and licenses to enhance employability.

"We are encouraged by and grateful for Corvias Foundation's commitment to providing education funding for military spouses," said Allie Jones, NMFA Program Manager. "Thanks to their continued support, military spouses seeking educational advancement are able to pursue dreams that otherwise might feel out of reach."

Among this year’s recipients is Elvira Yanez, a psychotherapist and military spouse, who in her application essay shared the hardships of maintaining her career in a profession that requires state-specific licenses to practice.

“After only living in Georgia for seven months, we were on the move…and I changed my licensures again to another state,” stated Yanez. “I decided to move to North Carolina a month prior than my husband in order to start my job as a Psychotherapist at Cape Fear Valley Hospital. I moved into an Extended Stay and drove every weekend to Georgia (six hours each way) to assist him in the move. We have now been living in North Carolina for a little over a year. In the past five years we have lived in three different states, and I have switched my licensures to all three states.”

“Combining our resources with NMFA not only enables us to directly assist, but further combat the increasing national need for employment support as military spouses face unique challenges due to frequent moves and spouse absences,” said Montalvo.

Since the inception of the scholarship in 2015, 79 military spouses have received more than $75,000 in funding through NMFA and Corvias Foundation’s partnership. The 2018/2019 recipients will pursue certifications and licenses in a wide variety of fields, including real estate, teaching, medical transportation, social work and equine therapy.

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