April 16, 2019

Corvias Foundation is dedicating the month of April to marking the 13th anniversary since its founding and celebrating investments of more than $13 million in scholarships and outreach to military families in the pursuit of higher education.

“Since we established the Corvias Foundation in 2006, we have been inspired by the drive and determination of our military family members to reach for their dreams and goals, and at the same time, give back to their communities,” said John Picerne, Foundation Founder and CEO of Corvias.

“This dedication to selfless service that we learned from our first partner, the U.S. Army, has been the model for giving back to our military community,” Picerne said. “After 13 years, we are just getting started.”

The private foundation is committed to providing comprehensive programs that assist active-duty service members and their families to expand their access to the full range of higher education opportunities – both in-school and beyond.

During April, the Foundation will be looking back at the some of the milestones of the past 13 years:

  • Showcasing moments from Corvias Foundation history in special #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) posts on social media, including recognition by former First Lady Michelle Obama
  • A look at famous military children throughout American history
  • Photos and memories from our Run to Home Base partnership with Massachusetts General, the Red Sox Foundation, and the U.S. Army, organizing “shadow runs” of the Boston-based event in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Because April is also the Month of the Military Child, look for hashtag #PurpleIs throughout the month to learn what makes military kids uniquely resilient.

“In addition to expanding higher education opportunities for the children of our military, we also offer scholarships to military spouses to overcome the economic hurdles unique to them, including a 16% unemployment rate and significant wage gaps,” said Maria Montalvo, Corvias Foundation executive director.

“But we also recognize the importance of creating a network of opportunities that empower our scholars and alumni with the connections and support they need while they are in school, after graduation, and along the way in their careers,” Montalvo said.

The Foundation works with an expanding number of military support organizations, non-profits and businesses that serve the U.S. military to provide career-enhancing and volunteer opportunities beyond the classroom.

Corvias Foundation’s guiding commitment to go “beyond the dollar” in educating military families also aims to educate Americans about the experience of today’s American military and their families by telling the stories of Corvias scholars and alumni.

“Our military families also serve our country through their love and support of their active-duty parent or spouse,” Picerne said. “Corvias Foundation is dedicated to providing these families the support system networks they deserve to advance their higher education and career opportunities,” he said.

About Corvias Foundation

Corvias Foundation is committed to inspiring students, college and university campuses, and military families to reach higher. Founded in 2006 as “Our Family for Families First Foundation,” our work increases access to educational, internship, mentoring, and volunteer opportunities so that those we touch are empowered to pursue their dreams and to make a greater impact in service to their communities and their nation. We strive to create ever-increasing opportunities by providing the resources and networks needed to help our scholars and partners surpass their goals. We achieve this through a commitment to education, community engagement and high-impact charitable giving. To learn more, please visit:

About Corvias

As a privately-owned company headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Corvias partners with higher education and government institutions nationwide to solve their most essential systemic problems and create long-term, sustainable value through our unique approach to partnership. Corvias pursues the kinds of partnerships that materially and sustainably improve the quality of life for the people who call our communities home, purposefully choosing to partner with organizations who share our values and whose mission is to serve as the foundational blocks, or pillars, of our nation. To learn more, please visit


Media contact: Maria Montalvo, Corvias Foundation