Corvias Solutions Appoints New Managing Director

February 3, 2015

Greg Cannito leads effort to apply Corvias' innovative P3 model to infrastructure challenges nationwide

Bowie, MD (February 2, 2015) — Corvias Group, announced today that Greg Cannito has been appointed Managing Director of Corvias Solutions. Corvias Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corvias Group, is a privately-owned company that strives to tackle large-scale facilities and infrastructure challenges through public-private partnerships (P3) that put client interests first; focus more on performance than profit; and produce sustainable long-term solutions.

In his new role, Cannito will oversee the application of Corvias' innovative public-private partnership model to solve the infrastructure and energy challenges public sector institutions are facing nationwide. This includes Corvias Solutions' recently approved 30-year, $100M Clean Water Partnership with Prince George's County (the County), Maryland, where Corvias will manage the design, construction and long-term maintenance of stormwater management systems. Cannito has been involved with the project since Corvias' initial discussions with the County, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Maryland Department of the Environment (DOE). His efforts have been crucial in helping Corvias' partners understand that Corvias, as a private company, can provide local governments with access to capital markets and private sector efficiencies to meet clean water goals more quickly and for less money than traditional funding methods.

"In Greg's time with Corvias, he has exhibited a keen ability to foster and implement partnerships across a broad range of sectors with an equally diverse array of public partners," said Corvias Group President and Chief Operating Officer Michael De La Rosa. "He's shown a deep understanding of Corvias' distinct approach, and has helped our partners like the Department of Defense and Prince George's County appreciate how our tailored solutions can help them address their significant challenges. Greg was instrumental in the development of The Clean Water Partnership from its infancy and we are excited to apply our knowledge about the ongoing infrastructure issues facing municipalities nationwide to future undertakings."

Most recently, Cannito served as the Senior Vice President of Program Development for Corvias Group where he was responsible for strategic development and execution of new, innovative opportunities aligned with the company's P3 approach. Cannito joined Corvias in 2003 and has more than 15 years of business development and P3 experience.

In addition to his work with The Clean Water Partnership, Cannito successfully managed operations representing a total development budget of over $500M for Corvias Military Living, the company's military housing division, at Fort Meade and Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. During this time, Cannito also coordinated the development of Reece Crossings, a $72M project that created the first-ever on-post apartments for junior unaccompanied service members, for the Department of Defense (DOD).

Cannito served in the U.S. Marine Corps and holds a B.S. in Finance from Virginia Tech University. He is a board member of the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP).

About Corvias Group

Corvias Group is a privately-owned company that strives to tackle tough, large-scale challenges through trusted partnerships that put client interests first; focus more on performance than profit; and, produce sustainable long-term solutions. Three business divisions deliver our mission of Living Made Better — Corvias Military Living, Corvias Campus Living and Corvias Solutions. We work on behalf of the U.S. military, colleges and universities, and public sector agencies to develop tailored solutions that remedy some of America's most challenging deficiencies in infrastructure and facilities caused by chronic underinvestment. All Corvias Group companies are governed by three core principles: Be the best provider of service; be the best place to work; and, generously give back to the communities where we live and serve. Corvias (kor-vee-us) Group is headquartered in East Greenwich, R.I.

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Corvias Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corvias Group, is a forward-thinking innovator that helps our public sector partners solve their most complex infrastructure challenges and meet regulatory requirements. With partnerships in sectors like stormwater management, we leverage our alternative delivery model to develop sustainable, tailor-made solutions. Combining innovative design, construction, access to private financing and long-term project management allows us to accelerate project timelines, reduce costs and ensure surety of execution. As a privately owned firm, we focus on our partners' best-interests and long-term sustainable project reinvestment, rather than the competing pressure of maximizing shareholder returns. For more information, visit