Five Questions with Partnership Catalyst Guillermo Peralta

September 19, 2018


1. As part of our Partnership Development team, can you tell us about the solutions you are working on regarding energy and utilities? 
As a Partnership Catalyst, one of my primary roles is to explore, challenge, and push the Partnership Development team to really innovate and expand what has traditionally been Corvias’ role in partnerships. Corvias has always been in the energy and utilities business; managing large-scale utilities, developing renewable energy programs across our partnerships. What Partnership Development has been working on recently has been how to leverage this experience and identify the right strategic alliances to bring the best value to our existing and new partnerships in a more comprehensive and turn-key solution than what is currently being offered in the industry. 

2. September 15 – October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. Can you share why you believe it’s important we take the time to recognize the contributions of Hispanic Americans? 
In the American story, recognizing the contributions of all the people who have contributed matters because it is important for the national dialog. Plus, the Hispanic and Latino experience are part of the American story. Recognizing that allows the 50 million-plus Hispanics who live inthe U.S.--and the larger American demographic--to better appreciate the Hispanic story within the American narrative. 

Personally, my parents immigrated to the United States and my father worked for Ford in Michigan; always maintaining strong connections to their roots in Mexico and Guatemala. I was first-generation born in the United States and identify as American, while having strong roots to my parents’ culture. The Hispanic and Latino narrative is so deeply intertwined with the broader American story that we have to understand that the two cannot be understood in isolation. 

3.  With what aspect of our culture do you most identify with and why? 
Innovative. Every day, Corvias challenges me to think innovatively to solve our partners’ challenges. Whether it’s identifying a new financing solution, identifying a new strategic alliance to add value, or finding ways to maximize our operations, I’m constantly being pushed to “think outside the box” and innovate. 

4. Describe your ideal day off.
I’ve lived in DC for almost 7 years now and there’s still not a shortage of things to do on my days off. Keeping it short, my day would be filled with an early morning run, catching up on my various Netflix shows in the morning, and spending the afternoon visiting a beer garden with my wife and friends. 

5. What do you see as the benefits to working in an environment that is diverse and inclusive?
As it relates to Corvias, our partnerships are complex and the partners that we work with extremely diverse in background, beliefs, and experiences. By building an environment that promotes diversity and inclusiveness, we are able to solve our partners’ most difficult and pressing issues. We’re able to foster this diversity of ideas and expression to the benefit of the communities that we work with.