Resident Feedback Drives Improvements for Military Housing Communities

Every year, the Department of Defense releases a Tenant Satisfaction Survey to collect information from privatized military housing residents on their housing provider’s customer service, home quality, maintenance, and community amenities. The survey is distributed via email by a 3rd party to military housing community residents and all responses are completely anonymous.

Feedback is Critical for Military Housing Communities

Corvias Property Management maintenance team member
Corvias Property Management received a national “Resident Satisfaction Award” from SatisFacts for earning high customer service survey scores across all seven U.S. Army installations nationwide.

The annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey allows the Department of Defense and housing providers like Corvias to ensure our military housing meets the expectations of residents. Corvias uses the feedback to identify and prioritize improvements for our military housing communities. 

Resident experience feedback loops, such as the Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey, are critical in how military housing providers meet our residents' needs. These surveys, combined with traditional customer service feedback, resident advisory boards, and more frequent real-time surveys, allow privatized military housing communities to identify and make continuous improvements tailored to our residents and communities.

Here at Corvias, we monitor survey feedback regularly and use it to identify areas for improvement. Every time service is performed, at multiple stages throughout the process, our residents are provided the opportunity to give feedback.

We continue to make better use of data-driven technologies and services to improve the resident experience, inform predictive maintenance and monitoring, drive greater business efficiencies, and improve the resiliency and sustainability of both the homes and their utility infrastructure.

As a result of our exceptional customer service and resident experience, Corvias Property Management received a national “Resident Satisfaction Award” from SatisFacts for earning high customer service survey scores for our management of all on-base housing communities across seven U.S. Army installations nationwide.

Revealing Areas of Focus

Corvias employee speaks with military service memberThrough a continuous cycle of feedback we are able to identify high-level trends across our entire portfolio and specific needs of each community such as:

  • Customer service: residents value exceptional customer service, knowing they are being listened to and taken care of. At Corvias, we’re proud to be nationally recognized by Satisfacts for our resident satisfaction scores in customer service.
  • Resident values: military housing communities appreciate working with providers who share similar values with regard to environmental responsibilityenergy savings, and community involvement.
  • Quality housing: military housing residents both need and deserve top quality housing and amenities, which we are proud to provide. 

Driving Change Across the Military Housing Community 

The Tenant Satisfaction Survey has helped us identify and prioritize specific improvements for our military housing communities. The following are some of the recent changes we have made to improve the resident experience:

  • Adding additional maintenance staff to oversee work order completion and move-in satisfaction at Aberdeen Proving Ground.
  • Adding a pickleball court, replacing and painting all swing sets, and installing a new playground at Fort Johnson.
  • Hosting monthly resident events focused on giving back to those in need in the local community at Fort Liberty.
  • Renovating 18 homes in the Patriot Ridge and Potomac communities at Fort Meade.
  • Providing over 500 homes with new water heaters and HVAC units and over 1,000 homes with efficiency upgrades like low-flow toilets and LED lighting at Fort Novosel.
  • Making over 2 miles of roadway improvements with overlay construction in the legacy area of the McClellan Neighborhood at Fort Riley.
  • Adding 18 new maintenance team members to improve customer service and response times at Fort Sill.
  • Providing tablets to all our maintenance team members, allowing them to spend more time addressing residents’ needs and less time in the office.

Without the feedback we received from the annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey, we would not have known which improvements were most important and most urgent to our residents.

More Improvements to Come

We are always eager to learn more about our residents' needs from the Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

We’ll be improving fitness centers, painting houses, making capital improvements to recreation facilities, replacing roofs, installing new playgrounds, improving landscaping, hosting even more resident events, continuing to add more customer service training for our teams, just to name a few.

We are eager to learn more about our residents’ needs from this year’s Tenant Satisfaction Survey! We care deeply about what our residents have to say and are committed to providing the best housing and service possible to the soldiers and their families who make sacrifices to serve our nation.