Strong Leadership Continues at On-Base Housing with Corvias

Racheal Kuhlman recently joined the Corvias Property Management team at McConnell AFB in her newly appointed role as Operations Director. Racheal has been a vital part of Corvias Property Management for the past 12 years, serving in a variety of roles at Fort Sill in southwest Oklahoma.

Racheal began her career with Corvias in 2009 as a Resident Service Specialist at Fort Sill’s Old Cavalry Post Community Center and was quickly promoted to Community Management Portfolio Coordinator. She also had the pleasure of serving as Assistant Neighborhood Manager, Community Manager and Senior Community Manager for the for all three Fort Sill communities before spending the past two years as Leasing Manager.

We recently caught up with Racheal to learn more about what residents can expect.  

Question: What are you looking forward to most about your new role? 

New Operations Director Racheal Kuhlmam with her family.
New Operations Director Racheal Kuhlmam with her family.

Racheal: I’m such a “people person” so being at a base with a close-knit community of neighbors and business partners is very exciting for me. Every day I look forward to meeting someone I haven’t yet met so I can develop mutually beneficial relationships with the team, MHO, Air Force partners and all of the residents at McConnell.  

Question: Can you describe your approach to customer service? 

Racheal: Honestly, it starts with the golden rule my mom taught me as a kid: treat people the way I’d want to be treated. Every resident is different. Although their situation may be similar to something I’ve experienced, it’s not identical. I know that there are many facets that make each resident scenario unique. Listening is key. I’m not talking about just hearing the sound of their voice. I mean truly listening to understand their concerns, challenges, circumstance, frustrations and needs. Being empathetic to their situation and treating each resident with respect is my priority. I am committed to finding the best possible solution to meet their expectations and provide a satisfactory resolution. 

Question: What do you look forward to about coming to work every day? 

Racheal: I love interacting with the team, our residents and our partners. I get motivated and inspired by working with them. I am grateful for the incredible opportunities to serve and give back to our military men, women and their families every single day. There really is nothing more rewarding than that.

Question: What's the one thing you want your residents to know?

Racheal: I’m so happy and committed to being part of the McConnell community. Residents can contact me directly by visiting the community center at 3001 S Arnold Blvd. or contacting the office at 316-347-2929.

Question: Do you have a military affiliation? 

Racheal: My paternal grandfather served in the US Army Air Corps 1st AVG Unit with the Flying Tigers during WWII. Some of my favorite memories are the times he’d tell me stories of his time in China and the work they did there. And, growing up in Elgin, Okla., it was always exciting to visit Fort Sill for school events and field trips.

Question: Do you have any hobbies or anything personal you would like to share?

Racheal: I love spending time with my family so as a mom of two, my hobbies for the past 22 years were every sport and activity my children were doing.  My son is 22 and my daughter, who recently graduated from high school, is 18. I love the beach and enjoy history and true-crime documentaries. Last, but not least, I’m looking forward to exploring Wichita and experience everything this incredible area has to offer.