From energy upgrades to complete renovations, we are committed to meeting the needs of the modern military family.

Corvias is investing in our military communities and maintaining the highest standard of living by offering a safe, quality housing experience. From the stresses of deployment to frequent moves, our service members and their families deserve to live in quality homes with communal spaces that foster a true sense of home.

Corvias Leverages Technology to Bolster Customer Service

Corvias continues to enhance its residents’ experience by integrating mobile technology into its property management operations, freeing team members to spend more time addressing residents’ needs and less time in the office.

Randolph Pointe Offers Niche Military Housing Option

Unaccompanied housing for single service members is a crucial component of military life. It provides this demographic with a convenient location on base, in a comfortable and supportive environment. Randolph Pointe at Fort Liberty stands as an example of the significance and benefits of such housing for single service members.

$325 Million Corvias Investment Modernizes On-Base Housing

Corvias completes a four-year program, which funded strategic infrastructure, energy, and water portfolio improvements across its military communities. The $325 million Corvias investment in its Department of Defense (DOD) portfolio includes renovations across nearly 22,000 homes – at no cost to the Army.

52 New Homes Ready to Welcome Military Families at Fort Riley

A momentous occasion for Fort Riley and the Warner Peterson Neighborhood with the completion of 52 new homes, now totaling 3,878. Residents of this thriving installation benefit from a range of community amenities, and appreciate the convenience of on-base living - over 13,000 individuals now calling Fort Riley their home.

“PCS” Season Brings New Residents to Fort Johnson

Each summer, between 400-500 new residents will begin to call west-central Louisiana home. Our team works hard to help service members and families make this transition a comfortable one. A big part of that is sharing our familiarity with this area and what the community has to offer.

Newly Renovations Popular Among Military Families

Corvias’ reinvestments into our military housing communities have attracted service members to well-priced, competitive, and modern outfitted residences, saving them from the inflated off-base market. The recent renovations completed at Fort Meade are a testament to quality on-post housing.

Top Three Benefits of Energy Projects on Military Installations

Advancing renewable energy goals for our partners is essential. Harnessing the power of energy on military installations brings with it numerous benefits. Developing resilient and secure energy solutions supports the Army Climate Strategy (ACS) goals and generates long-term savings. 

Celebrating Long-Standing Employee Service at Fort Meade

While ongoing training and development have proven to be key in allowing team members to flourish, respect and connection also top the list of reasons why Fort Meade employee's have chosen to remain with the company long-term.


Major Renovations Transform Military Housing at Fort Johnson

In 2021, Corvias announced a commitment to perform more than $92M worth of housing upgrades to Fort Johnson by 2024. As part of that commitment, today the company, along with its Army partner, celebrated the delivery of 22 newly renovated homes during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Berkley Court.

Erin Murphy to Lead Military Housing Management at Fort Meade and Aberdeen Proving Ground

Corvias appointed Erin Murphy as the Regional Vice President of Property Operations for Corvias Property Management at Fort Meade and Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) in Maryland.

Fort Bragg Apartments a Popular On-Base Housing Choice

With more than 53,000 troops stationed at Fort Bragg, the installation’s privatized military housing requires dedication and perseverance to meet the varied needs of service members. At Randolph Pointe, Fort Bragg’s on-post apartment community for single and unaccompanied service members, Corvias Property Management caters to a unique subset of troops stationed at Fort Bragg.

Military Families Share Why Living on Base is Best

According to the U.S. Army, “Living on base offers more than housing. It provides convenience, savings and discounts, as well as a safe and supportive community for Soldiers and their families to live, work, and have fun.”

Scholarships Awarded to 24 Military Spouses

The Corvias Foundation, in cooperation with the National Military Family Association (NMFA), today announced a new round of Corvias Foundation/NMFA Licensure and Certification scholarship awards. The scholarships are supporting 24 spouses of active-duty military members serving in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force. 

Corvias Receives National Award for Military Housing Property Management

Corvias Property Management received a national “Resident Satisfaction Award” from SatisFacts for earning high customer service survey scores for its management of on-post housing of more than 72,000 residents across seven U.S. Army installations nationwide.

200+ Custom Blankets, Stockings for Fort Riley Veterans and Soldiers

Corvias team members prepare a holiday blanket and stocking donation as part of the Soldiers’ Angels annual Stockings for Heroes campaign, a national program that benefits deployed service members, veteran patients in VA Hospitals and National Guard and Reserves Units across the country.

Corvias Invests $8M into APG Housing

Collaborating with Johnson Controls, Corvias installs more than 13,000 water and energy saving devices in approximately 200 Aberdeen Proving Ground homes. These enhancements will reduce energy consumption, while continuing to improve the living experience for military families. 

Solar by Corvias Strengthens Military Housing Energy Independence

To improve climate resilience and contribute to the Army's goal of converting to carbon pollution-free electricity by 2030, Corvias has collaborated with the Department of Defense on a range of solar projects at key military installations.

Single and Unaccompanied Housing at Fort Bragg Receives High Marks

The recent release of the 2021 tenant satisfaction survey results led by CEL & Associates, Inc. revealed that Randolph Pointe received high marks in overall satisfaction among its residents, which encompassed scores for customer service, property operations, and maintenance. 

Fort Sill Ribbon Cutting Celebrates Success of $210M+ Capital Improvement Strategy

The Fort Sill-Corvias partnership achieved another key milestone for on-post housing with the successful renovation and conversion of a series of multi-family duplex homes into modern, five-bedroom, single family homes.

Corvias Renovates 108 Homes at Fort Novosel

The renovation in the Munson Heights neighborhood provided homes that reflect a more contemporary, open floor plan. Updates included front and back porches, dedicated laundry rooms, new flooring, roofing, windows, gables, driveways, landscaping, exterior siding, and more efficient air conditioning units.

Corvias Upgrades 1,350 homes at Fort Novosel

Corvias recently launched a large-scale, energy-efficiency improvement project to install energy upgrades at Fort Novosel, Ala. The water and energy-conservation improvements are part of Corvias’ $325 million Solutions Investment.

Fort Polk to Receive $92M in Housing Upgrades

Continuing to enhance the living experience for military families, Corvias invests more than $92M worth of housing upgrades to U.S. Army military housing at Fort Polk by 2025.

Corvias Enhances Military Housing at Fort Meade, Including Energy-Saving Measures

Upgrading homes with the best technology available, Corvias recently finished a large-scale effort to install energy-efficient upgrades to nearly all homes at Fort Meade. The Corvias’ Solutions Investment also includes the renovation of 120 homes in the Heritage Park, Potomac Place, and Patriot Ridge neighborhoods.

Corvias Offsets Nearly Half the Annual Electricity Consumed by On-Post Housing

Supporting the U.S. Army’s energy-independence goals, Corvias kicks off phase III of Fort Riley's solar energy program.  Once complete the energy generated will power more than 40% of Fort Riley homes. 

93 Percent of Homes Receive Energy Conservation Improvements at Fort Sill

In support of the Department of Defense’s goal to enhance the resilience of federal infrastructure, Corvias has installed water and energy savings systems into more than 1,600 homes at Fort Sill. These energy conservation improvements will increase the efficiency of the systems our residents use, while reducing pollution and energy consumption.    

Corvias Earns National Resident Satisfaction Award

Corvias receives national honors for its military property management services based on independent resident satisfaction input provided to SatisFacts, a national leader for technology.

Increasing Land Availability at Aberdeen Proving Ground

140 townhomes in the Skipper’s Point neighborhood get demolished after reaching their maximum lifespan. Once complete, the land will be returned to the Army.

Solar Energy Expands at Fort Riley

With the addition of more than 350 new solar systems, Fort Riley becomes a top solar energy producer in Kansas.  With more than 1,600 solar systems installed, an estimated 40 percent of annual electricity consumed by on-post family housing will be offset. 

85 Percent of Fort Bragg Homes Updated

Approximately 5,300 homes at Fort Bragg recently had energy conservation upgrades. The more than 300,000 enhancements are part of Corvias’ $325 million Solutions Investment across six military installations and will reduce energy consumption while continuing to improve the living experience for military families. 

Final Stages of Major Renovations on 32 Homes at Fort Riley

These homes, part of a historic district surrounding homes that date back to the late 1800s, complement the neighboring houses with a series of design changes that reflect the needs of the families who occupy them. 

Corvias Innovates Military Housing Partnership with $325M Investment

Corvias announced a $325 million investment into its Department of Defense (DoD) portfolio to fund strategic modernization and resiliency improvements to its U.S. Army base housing infrastructure.

Corvias Embarks on $15.8M Renovation Project at Fort Polk

$15.8M is being reinvested by Corvias for improving 1,146 home exteriors including roofs, fascia, gutters and paint. Road improvements will be made to more than three miles of roads to level, smooth and repave roads in three neighborhoods across the installation.

Corvias Enacts Remaining Tenant Bill of Rights Provisions

In conjunction with its Military Service Partners, Corvias has completed implementation of the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Tenant Bill of Rights, which was adopted following the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 (NDAA).  

Corvias Provides Major Renovations to Homes at Fort Sill

Corvias started the first stage of major renovations in the neighborhoods of White Wolf and Geronimo Acres at Fort Sill.  

Improving Military Housing With Major Renovations at Fort Novosel

Corvias has begun delivery of more than 100 renovated homes in the Munson neighborhood at Fort Novosel as part of its $325 million capital investment.

On-post Residents Enjoy Strong Sense of Community

The sense of community on an installation is one of the primary benefits residents often seek when living on post. The neighbors down the street, next-door, and in school all understand the excitement and stresses of the military lifestyle.

Investing in modernization solutions to address infrastructure needs now

Corvias continually reinvests in our facilities, providing ongoing renovation throughout the life of the asset.

$ 325.00 M


34.00 MW




Milestones and Accomplishments

December 2012

Corvias Enters First-Of-Its-Kind Partnership With U.S. Army

Corvias and the U.S. Army enter into a public-private partnership deal to develop Reece Crossings for 1,400 barracks-eligible junior enlisted single service members at Fort Meade.

February 2013

Corvias Completes First Master-Planned Community

In less than six years, Corvias designed and built almost 1,400 homes and multiple community amenities, including an elementary school, in Fort Riley’s Forsyth Neighborhood.

April 2013

Randolph Pointe Begins $14 Million Expansion

Adding 120 new apartments to the innovative community for senior unaccompanied service members stationed at Fort Bragg. Scheduled for completion in September 2014, Randolph Pointe provides modern on-post apartments for senior service members.

September 2013

Corvias Partners With U.S. Air Force's Continental Group

Corvias assumes responsibility for the development and management of on-base housing for the U.S. Air Force's Continental Group which includes Edwards, Eglin, Eielson, Hurlburt Field, McConnell and Seymour Johnson Air Force Bases.

June 2014

Corvias Opens 30th Community Center

Fort Sill's Old Cavalry Post neighborhood receives a new community center. This marks the 30th community center opened by Corvias across our military portfolio.

June 2014

63 New Homes For Hurlburt Field

Corvias breaks ground on the first new homes At Hurlburt Field in nearly 20 Years. The 63 new homes will be built in the Osprey Landing neighborhood.

October 2015

5 Corvias Military Installations Achieve Top Rankings

Five communities (Fort Rucker, Fort Riley, Fort Sill, Fort Bragg and Aberdeen Proving Ground) placed in the top ten for resident satisfaction in the 2015 Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) Resident Survey.

December 2015

First Renewable Energy Project Across Fort Meade and APG

Onyx and Corvias announce the first renewable energy project across Fort Meade and Aberdeen Proving Ground. The installation of solar solutions will generate energy for over 1,000 homes.

May 2016

New Life for Eglin Air Force Base Housing

Corvias and Eglin Air Force community celebrate the grand opening of the first of 747 new homes on the base, as well as the unveiling of the Warrior Landing Community Center.

February 2018

Corvias and Fort Riley Celebrate 1st Solar Milestone

Corvias, along with partner Onyx Renewable Partners, kickoff the installation and outfitting of solar panels to 1,260 homes at Fort Riley, at no cost to the military.

July 2018

Eielson AFB Opens First Community Center

The 35th among all of our military installations this new community center is a testament to our unmatched commitment to make our service members feel at home.

August 2018

Red Raider Community Center Opens

Corvias and McConnell Air Force Base open new 8,000 square foot community center including a gym, multi-purpose room, fitness room, club area and a pool.

December 2018

Upgrades to Largest Geothermal Installation in the World

Corvias raises $34 million to implement operational efficiencies, create cost savings, and replace and upgrade outdated infrastructure within Fort Polk's housing portfolio.

April 2019

Renovations Near Completion at Seymour Johnson AFB

Corvias nears completion of our multi-year renovation of 480 homes at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Improvements included paint, flooring, new appliances, fencing, lighting and converting carports to garages.

May 2019

Corvias Launches New Resident Portal

Now accessible to residents across Corvias Army installations, the service enables residents to issue and track their maintenance requests, upload photos and provide feedback on service performance.

May 2019

Corvias Renovates 100 Homes at Edwards AFB

Corvias renovates more than 100 homes at Edwards Air Force Base providing both exterior and interior enhancements.

May 2019

110 Heritage Park Homes Get New Roofs

Preserving and maintaining these historic homes at Fort Meade, Corvias invests in significantly improving the integrity of 110 houses.

September 2019

$325M investment across military portfolio

Corvias announced a $325 million investment into the Department of Defense (DoD) portfolio to fund strategic modernization and resiliency improvements to our U.S. Army base housing infrastructure.

October 2019

Fort Riley Undergoes Several Major Upgrades

96 Homes in the Warner Peterson neighborhood will be newly constructed and 32 Rim Rock neighborhood homes will receive major renovations including energy efficiency upgrades.

November 2019

$15.8M renovation project at Fort Polk

Corvias launches a $15.8 million renovation project at Fort Polk, Louisiana to update the exteriors of 1,146 homes including the roofs, fascia, gutters and paint.

December 2019

Improvements Underway at Fort Bragg

Corvias continues to upgrade Fort Bragg neighborhoods including major renovations in the Bataan and Pope neighborhoods. Other improvements include flooring replacements, weather proofing, energy upgrades, pressure washing and ductwork cleaning.

January 2020

Groundbreaking at Hulburt Field Community Center

Construction on the new, state-of-the-art community center begins. Once completed, will be nearly 10,000 square feet and outfitted with multiple amenities such as a swimming pool and pavilion, fitness centers, media room, basketball courts and outdoor kitchen and patio

May 2020

100+ Homes at Fort Rucker Receive Major Renovations

More than 100 homes start renovations in the Munson neighborhood at Fort Rucker as part of its $325 million capital investment. Upgrades include revised floor plans, energy efficient systems, roofs, windows and more.

June 2020

Major Renovations to 32 Homes in Historic District at Fort Riley

More than 30 homes in the Rim Rock neighborhood, part of a historic district with homes dating back to the late 1800s, receive modernized floorplans including new master suites and bathrooms in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom layout.

July 2020

Major Renovations Started at Fort Sill

Work in the White Wolf and Geronimo Acres neighborhoods has begun. The renovations provide a more contemporary feel and align with today's military family. Homes will receive a new master suite layout as these homes are transformed from a three to two-bedroom layout.

February 2021

Corvias Property Management Wins National Resident Satisfaction Award

SatisFacts, the leading third party, multifamily survey and data provider, announces Corvias Property Management is recipient of the 2020 National Resident Satisfaction Award for excellent resident service efforts and property management for military housing.

June 2021

Corvias Enacts Remaining Tenant Bill of Rights Provisions for Military Housing

In conjunction with our Military Service Partners, Corvias has completed implementation of the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Tenant Bill of Rights, which was adopted following the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 (NDAA).

June 2021

Corvias Receives “Best in the Industry” Awards for Air Force Housing

Corvias Property Management, receives 16 “Best in the Industry” awards for customer service excellence at its Air Force Base (AFB) housing communities.

August 2021

Solar Energy Program Expands at Fort Riley

Corvias and the U.S. Army at Fort Riley kicks off construction of phase two of its solar energy program. Partnering with Onyx Construction the project will install 385 solar systems throughout the communities on post.

$ 2.30 B


2.70 M


+ 22.00 K